Thursday, August 29, 2013

You Can Call Me Angel

"You can call me Angel" is an inside joke only my friends and I will know, but I promise it is relevant to this post, which is exactly why I entitled it as such. I was really glad the winds were being friendly with me when I shot this outfit because then you get to see just how flowy my overalls are!

Forever 21 top and overalls dress

I would've named this look "Constantine," after Billie's game, but I couldn't help myself with the Angel references. She may or may not kill me, but I know our relationship is capable of getting past this HAHAHA JK

From Hong Kong hand chain, Forever 21 midi rings

YRU Qozmos shoes

Ah, my beloved stompers. Also known as my go-to concert shoes. They instantly make you feel 10x cooler. Or just cool, in my case, because I am very uncool. LEVEL UP! (Also known as one of if not the most expensive pair of shoes I have CRY but I regret nothing. These are my best friends in concerts.)

Angstangstangst. The cut of my dress is achully very mullet, so I was really on the fence with it at first because we all know how much mullet skirts in this cut (and fabric!) make me vomit, BUT! But, because I'm so short, the mullet-ness of it isn't all that noticeable. In fact it just looks like a nice window to show off my shoes.

However, also because I'm so short, the longer hemline of my dress would've been dragging across the floor, had it not been for these babies. They're also my tallest pair of shoes to date!

Oxygen necklace

I achully think entitling this look as "You Can Call Me Angel" is ironic because "Constantine" somehow sounds more fitting, but... it just had to be done.

Monday, August 26, 2013

Animal Crossing

So this outfit has several animal elements in it. About five, if you include the green fox tail LOL. Anyway, I wore this to the birthday celebration of Janelle (Who is now on Blogspot! Hurray!) a few weeks ago. We had lunch together at... some ramen place... in Glorietta... I don't remember the name...?

The video came out a little overexposed in some parts because the lighting kept on fluctuating. Sometimes the sun would be glaring and then a few minutes later it would calm down and I wasn't in the mood to keep adjusting my settings pfft.

Uniqlo shirt, H&M skirt, from Japan (gifted) tights

From Hong Kong shoes and socks


Guys please just imagine this. I was somewhere in Granville Road. And then I saw these. And then I gasped. I MEAN??? Ohmygosh you guys I was over the moon when I got ahold of these babies. They have another version ala Doc Martens, but I went for these instead since I felt like getting the Doc Martens style would just be like... another pair of boots? Whatever.

There's also another variation in which the soles have a color on them! I stuck with clear though because duh. I saw a shop in Greenhills selling those, and my blockmate has a pair as well (I believe he got it off an online seller?) SO GO GET YOUR HANDS ON THEM IF YOU CAN AND TELL ME ABOUT IT SO THAT WE CAN PARTY TOGETHER???

Also my socks. Rabbits pls. I wore rabbits specifically because I knew how much Janelle loves rabbits!

from HK fox tail and bag

from HK necklace and earrings

For some reason this necklace reminded me of G-Dragon? Am I the only one?

from HK belt and watch, Pylones ring

I call this my wrestler belt because it reminds me of those belts that are fought over in wrestling. Ha. Ha. Hahahaha. Ok Ina ok. (Confession: I may or may not have gotten this belt because of Kai's wrestler belt in the Wolf MV. Hehehehe....................)

When Janelle and I met up in Hong Kong last month, H&M was our meeting place. Janelle got this exact same skirt, and I was all, "I HAVE THAT TOO OMG LET'S WEAR THEM TOGETHER!" Thus, I wore it on her birthday celebration. Janelle didn't wear hers tho LOL but iz coo iz coo.

Disneyland cap

Another item we both have is this Minnie Mouse cap! I dunno about you, but I love wearing things that my friends and I both have whenever we're celebrating something of theirs. I also like being matchy-matchy with them at times.

Cutie pie birthday girl!

Hand poses by Janelle, Beau, and Billie are c/o EXO. Don't ask.

~*~art~*~ ~*~fashion~*~

Beau and Janelle have always been the resident K-poppers in our group. (Janelle especially, since our friendship with Beau was established just a little after high school.) I am now part of this roster. Maybe.

Bono Gelato for dessert!

Ah, look! This is nearly everyone in our group, and only Mae was missing because she's off frolicking in law school land. FIGHTING, MAE!!

Sometimes I really hate food because it's so good HUHUHUHU NOMS PLS

Ending this post with a photo of Janelle and I being ubertotes cool beans. Belated Happy Birthday, Toshi!

Thursday, August 22, 2013

R x C

Hello! This was something I wore to a blockmate's birthday party at the beginning of the month. When I got the invite I had already planned to wear this outfit, and then a while later there was the implementation of a dress code which was 'strictly black and/or white only.' Totes good for me because I was already within the dress code, heh.

H&M top, from Hong Kong shorts and socks, b+ab x Hello Kitty shoes

The party was also actually a swimming party, except I had no intentions of going swimming anyway lol. If anything, I was REALLY excited to see my blockmates again, as I had not seen most of them since graduation! HASHTAGCLINGY JK

From HK purse

Also, yes, this outfit was totally, definitely inspired by Wolf. Then again this kindov look has been done by other people and is not exclusive to EXO so... BUT GUYS HAVE I AM SO DONE WITH WOLF BECAUSE GROWL CAN WE JUST???

H&M gold rings, from HK black ring and watch

H&M necklace

I may or may not have gotten this necklace with a certain Bang Yongguk in mind.

OKAY I WILL TELL YOU THE STORY BEHIND THESE SHORTS. I saw a pair of leather/pleather shorts somewhere in HK, and they were nice, except they were either too short or too small or both. I also saw another pair which looked really cool because they were shiny and I called them garbage bag shorts, except they looked like they were too small for me. Then I found this pair and thought, 'MAYBE IT IS TIME.' I think the garbage bag shorts would've been too humid anyway, as much as I worshipped them. These shorts were just... they're not as short as others, but they'd be pretty short if I sat down, so I wore my lace-tripped shorts underneath. (Please count the number of times the word 'shorts' was mentioned, inclusive of this sentence.)

Like always, I was so excited and happy to see my blockmates again. During our time together, I hardly got to see them outside of schooling life because we were either too busy or I wasn't part of the group that would go out and party (because I am not a party person plsss.) Tugstugs kind of parties are never my thing but I always make exceptions for birthdays! That, and this was an excuse to see my blockmates. There's just an irreplaceable bond that is inevitably forged (at least in my case, since we were together 3 out of 4 years sharing every class together, save for electives/NSTP/P.E.) with so much time together. No one has and will ever be able to understand my college life and hardships more than them, because they experienced it all with me.

I suppose... I suppose it's like motherhood? Not that I know what motherhood is like (the extent of my 'motherhood' goes to Miso and Tofu, and I refer to them as my children and not 'pets'), but I think motherhood, or parenthood, really, is something that cannot be fully understood until one becomes a parent.

I think I might not have even been able to make it to the very end if it weren't for my blockmates. I'd go more into detail about my feels, but this post was already made after graduation, so there is no need for any redundant dramu.

It's also worth noting that there was so much alcohol but I didn't have any of it. Not even a sip. Mostly because I had a blood test the next day, but DON'T YOU THINK THIS IS A BIG DEAL? ESPECIALLY IF YOU KNOW HOW MUCH I USED TO DRINK??? I say 'used to drink' because I haven't achully had any alcohol since March, and from that time to today there have been about 3 or 4 life happenings that involved alcohol and yet I remained steadfast and refused. ORANGE YOU ALL PUROUDO? IS THIS IT? HASHTAGSOBERRAIFU???

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

July 2013

Nothing much happened in my life during July, according to this video. The first clip shows the lovely Janelle from when we met up in Hong Kong! Meeting up with friends in another country is always a delight, and that meeting in July marked my 3rd friendship meet-up. I hope there will be more of those in the future.

In July I came home from HK with my mom in tow, surprising our family members hohoho. Most of the footage in this vlog are just random snippets and BTS from these shoots. At the end you see some random clips with Jam from that coffee date I mentioned here.

So... July was relatively quiet I suppose? Well not TOO quiet since I got to shoot after 95873498543 years, but really, July was... chill, I guess. I don't even have photos to show save for the ones from the shoots.

August, however. Heh. August has been jam-packed with life happenings, not to mention waves and waves of rain. It's scary. I remember this time last year was that habagat, and classes were suspended for a week (much like now.) In that week, I did nothing related to my then-work-in-progress thesis. All I did was play Harvest Moon: Back to Nature, download Kingdom Hearts 'films' until the wee hours of the morning (which was sad because whenever it was thesis-related I could never manage to stay up late enough), and spazz with Alex over our KH feels as she was in the middle of playing KH3D back then.

I hope this time next year the weather will at least be more forgiving.

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Cronuts and Coffee

One time my friend Jam and I thought it would be rad to meet up for some -- gasp -- coffee! No not really, we just wanted to see each other, especially as this date happened a little after I had just come back from Hong Kong, and prior to that we had not seen each other for a good while.

Ugg cardigan, dress and shoes

I know, I'm gross, wearing one brand pretty much from head to toe. But wtvr, I got these Ugg pieces during a sample sale, and in fact the only reason I became involved with such was because of my mom's work. It seemed I was aptly dressed for my date with Jam, as we ended up having a cronut (Jam) and a cup of coffee (me) in the afternoon. We felt like such ~*~adults~*~ having a legitimate ~*~coffee date~*~ without any school commitments. Except we're unemployed and then we just drowned our feelings in... more feels.

H&M/from HK/Gifted accessories

I was much too short for this cardigan, even in heels, so I decided to knot it at the back instead. So clever right??? No? Okay, have a video of this outfit instead:

From HK bag

OK THERE IS A STORY BEHIND THIS BAG LET ME TELL YOU IT! While in Hong Kong, I saw some girls with this really nice backpack. Later on I found out said backpack was from a brand called MCM. Even later on, I found out EXO uses said backpack/brand so of course this fueled my search for the bag. I saw it at a store, naively hoping it would be at least a knock-off. It wasn't, and when I found out how much it cost, I did an internal tableflip. Then elsewhere I found THIS bag, pictured above, for SO CHEAP and since I was bitter with the whole MCM thing, I got this one instead. (In fact, I got two more besides this one. Three for the price of a decimal of what the MCM costs.) This bag also doubles as a backpack, so... at least the bags I got were sortakindamaybe within the same spectrum of the MCM one?

I've never actually tried a cronut. I still haven't. I don't have croissants often, for that matter. I've been having horrible cravings for donuts lately though.

SO! You may or may not have noticed, but these photos seem like they weren't just taken with my digicam. That's because they weren't. The Cheapskateers blog and channel are now both defunct, as Maronne and I have been itching to come into our own... blogging identities? LOLJK Style blogging is just no longer for Maronne, so there wasn't a point in dedicating a blog to it. (You can still find her here though!) I, on the other hand, have come to really enjoy it, but I've been wanting to blog about my outfits on my own for a while now and Maronne wasn't posting as much anyway. And so, we went our separate blogging ways. If you were a reader of CS, then thank you very much from the bottom of my heart for sticking around these three years! It was a good run, and I am genuinely glad that I started this kind of blogging endeavor with a friend and not alone. Now the training wheels are off and I'm flying solo! I HOPE THE CS ~*~AUDIENCE~*~ WILL CONTINUE TO ~*~SUPPORT~*~ ME *royal hair flip* *tearfully waves at nonexistent crowd*

It's a little... curious, closing the CS life. (Especially at this point and time, considering August was actually our anniversary month HAHAHA) I mean, I was reluctant to start blogging about my outfits, but Maronne didn't want to jump on it all by herself. Now look at how the tables have turned!

I'm almost a little sad -- just a smidgen -- to say goodbye to The Cheapskateers. I consider myself pretty solid at maintaining blogs; toiletteregina is only my third personal blog. My first was on Xanga some time in 2005 or possibly earlier, but things got messy and I wanted to start afresh and leave all the drama behind, so crayoneyeliner was born in 2006. After 5-6 years of that, LiveJournal just wasn't doing it for me anymore so I moved here to Blogspot. Also we all know I'm hugely nostalgic so I'm always horrible with goodbyes.

Admittedly, it feels a little more vain, pursuing this blogging endeavor alone. While there has always been a certain degree of vanity that comes with this kind of blogging, it feels just more... just more vain, really, to do this by myself. Kindov ironic because I suffer from permanent (loljk not rly) self-esteem and issues and insecurities, so putting myself up here, alone, is pretty much just me asking for it. It's almost... pretentious? I don't really know...

But I love dressing up. If I don't want to talk, my outfits (and/or my hair) can do it for me. It's a form of self-expression. It's art, and I want to chronicle this piece of me for as long as I can. (Cue Advanced Style life pegs.)

Eh, wtvr. I've come to really enjoy this kind of thing, and I hope there'll still be some kids who'll stick around with me to enjoy the ride.

Friday, August 16, 2013

There is a skirt and Angel is in it (The Filmstalgia Post)

Hello! The other day some of my favorite people and I went to go support our magical friend Billie for her 2-day exhibit held at Top Shelf, Fully Booked at BHS. Going to friends' exhibits is always fun because not only are you filled with pride for your friend, you also bask in their presence and the presence of other talented kids. And their art. And in this case, very funny memories from a particular night in November 2010.

This is Angel Billie, whom I affectionately refer to as Blender at times, in a skirt. Basically, this is the highlight of the entire post. You may leave now. (I kid.)

But before we get to more of the exhibit, here is a photo of a lady with a pink cat made out of books with some Jam on the side.

More Jam. She, myself, and Tintin were an hour early upon my request because this particular branch of Fully Booked is my fave and OMNOMNOM BOOKS but the exhibit opened about an hour late so we had two hours on hour hands. (I legitimately subconsciously typed 'hour' instead of 'our' omg what a pun.) Said hours involved a hunt for a particular kind of soda, some coffee, ~*~work talk~*~, and something that may or may not have sounded like, "HELP ME I AM A CAT."

Movie poster for 300 rendered by the not-so-Spartanic Billie LOLJK

Here is a random shot of me, taken by I don't know who, looking at I don't know what.

We then decided to have dinner at Red Kimono which involved discussions about ~*~life~*~ and ~*~the future~*~ and out-of-town trips.

Hi Alex!

Nice try bro. (Relevance here.)

So my friends and I decided a photo op at the red wall with "COMING SOON" would be fitting. Howls of unattractive laughter commenced after a very amusing photo was taken, and a few minutes after calming down, this happened, even if we did not lay a finger on it. This is evidence of how destructive the PGPS presence can be.

Art theft: you're doing it wrong.

Congrats again Billie and all the other Filmstalgia kids! I AM A PUROUDO TOMODACHINGU