Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Anina Day: Of Books, Boys and Bloggers

Anina reunited! I got to go see one of my favorite people a.k.a. Ana last weekend for a much-needed, long-awaited, always-postponed Anina Day. Thank goodness our schedules have the same vacant days, at least for the time being!

Anina Days have been going on since our high school senior year. I remember the first ever Anina Day was when I went to Ana's place for the first time for a class project. At some point during our 'school work', we decided to go to High Street (pretty much inevitable when you go to Ana's place) where I was decked in Ana's clothes from head to toe (looking like a bit of a hobo) and where we took pictures of each other. In the end the only thing we really accomplished for school that day was putting wings on a photo of our classmate's head.

The last time I saw Ana was towards the end of 2011, and it wasn't even planned. We had been planning to see each other over the summer but it just wouldn't work out with our schedules before.

Say hello to some of the inhabitants of Ana's room. There's GLOL Pulip Girl.

Luke Triton

Fat Cat On A Box (FCOAC)

And Submarine Boy. Okay, it's probably Diver Guy, but Submarine Boy sounds radder.

There's also Korra, who is named after a female character but actually has some male genitalia.

But hey, adorable pup is still adorable.

I owed Ana some major kwento because of the many 'significant' things that happened over the summer. This is where the 'boys' part of the blog post title comes into the picture. Enter Ina's non-existent love life.

After a few minutes of recounting several events from months ago, and a few more minutes of Ana squealing and freaking out, and a couple more minutes of Facebook-lurking (cue more freaking out!Ana), our topic of discussion then turned towards fashion/style bloggers. Ana showed me this one blogger whom she's loving at the moment (she is adorableeee) and I in turn shared several of the style bloggers I check out.

Then we decided it was time for some Fully Booked goodness (as per usual). We took s'more silly Anina shots while waiting for our ride.

Ana has a whole buncha rosaries and rosary necklaces. I covet her neon one ("Look though, it doesn't really follow the rosary beads so I can't pray with it.") because of reasons.

We stopped by Red Mango first for some merienda. This is where we talked about our respective theses and possibilities of future interning. Aaaaah, future.

Fully Booked in High Street is definitely my favorite Fully Booked branch. Four floors of nothing but the goodness of books. Drool, everybody. DROOL.

"Candid ba ang peg?"

Best Naruto manga cover ever: Naruto is not pleased with the conflict between Gai-sensei the Awesome and Paco while Konan rejoices with a paper party in the background.

Then we headed to the children's section where most of our time in Fully Booked was spent.

I found this really dope YSL coloring book. Would've gotten it but I was on a budget and it seemed kind of overpriced for something so small and thin. I guess for YSL it's not really overpriced though?

Ana was going through this books that tells you to look for certain things in a throng of... many other things. This one was special because it involved looking for Pokemon in a sea of Pokemon.

I saw another version of that weirdly cute book I saw last time with Janelle. Then I scurried off to show Ana its kawaii-ness.

... only to find out she found another version of the book to show me as well. Anina powers unite!

Ana found this piece of paper stuck in one of the books she went through. Someone from Thailand says hello! Gosh I should make it my mission to leave random notes in books, too. Or maybe even business cards ala EWWS...

And this is what I got. Of course I spent my money on children's books. OF COURSE. I'm not too sure what Edgar Allan Poe's Tales of Death and Dementia was doing in the children's section though.

We then headed to Italianni's for an early dinner.

Back at the Fully Booked counter, Ana was contemplating on whether or not to get this. She was on the phone when we were paying and the cashier counted it as part of the purchases, so basically the decision was made for her in the end.

Ana has this love affair with red pandas, okay. After skimming through the little booklet, she concluded that the purchase was definitely worth it.

She was really excited by this part, too. Oh Anette.

My family and I never really eat at Italianni's anymore because it grew to be pricier and the quality was beginning to differ. Back when I was younger I would always order their ravioli. ALWAYS. A few years ago, maybe the last time had Italianni's with la familia, their ravioli was kind of dry and the portions were smaller than before. This was probably when their 'quality was beginning to differ.' I ordered it again anyway and it was much better than my last experience. Infairnezz, no longer dry. Haha!

Imported beers called Hoegarden and Stella Art. Cool beans.

And then the sunlight disappeared and it was time to go. It was such a great way to start the week. Hurray for Anina!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Tea Time

The Great Milk Tea Date finally happened last week, after months (OR YEARS?!) of planning! Terry, Beau, Iya and I, once upon a time, agreed to go hang out one day at Chatime because we all lived within the area... except it never happened until last week, thanks to conflicting schedules.

Before that, however, I dropped by Tin's place (and, before that, Arrneo), where Terry was going to pick us up. Besides this shot of her shoes, there is also...

This. Heel-less shoes. I've always thought shoes like these were cool, albeit nothing special anymore (unless they're glammed up in some magical way) because most heel-less shoes are fashioned in the same style nowadays. Okay fine, they're still special. I still think they provide a wearer that extra needed fierce in an outfit though! I once tried another pair a few months ago and they made me feel like I would topple over any moment. This pair, however, was very stable and actually really comfy. I'm guessing it's the big platform? Tin says it's the ~*~mathematics~*~.

Tin's pair provides a whopping 7 inches in height! Or was it 5 inches? Anyway, TALLER INA IS TALL! Also, you can totes tell how big these shoes are on me. Ina's feet <<<<<<<< Tin's feet

So anyway, milk tea. Chatime. Right.

Oh maaaaan it's been AGES since Iya and I last saw each other! I think the last time was during the 20/20 exhibit at The Collective, and that was... a very long time ago. I am checking my Tumblr archives to see how long ago it was.

2 years. It was 2 years before we finally saw each other again. HOW DID THAT EVEN HAPPEN I CAN'T oh wait, there was that time we just happened to chance upon each other at Shang, but that doesn't count. Good gravy.

And then we (myself, Terry and Tin) were suddenly overcome with overwhelming hunger. "I'm hungry," I said. "Omg me too," concurred Terry. "Demmet now you guys are making me hungry too," grumbled Tin. So we asked Beau to bring us some food, and he arrived with... something from Bacolod, Reese's pieces, and a loaf of bread. Food donations, we feel them. I ate the bread with the Reese's and it was actually pretty good, but it still wasn't enough so Tin and Terry went to the grocery to buy some friendships.

Friendship bought.

If there are Charlie's Angels then there are Beau's Trolls.

There might've been some sensitive information on Ted's ID, so I covered it up with her ID photo instead.

More sensitive information.

Even more sensitive information. Bye.