Saturday, August 3, 2013

The Traveling Velvet

It's been a while since I last blogged about anything under the 'outfits' tag over here, mostly because I mainly blog about my personal style over on CS. I've recently been thinking about how much I've neglected my digicam, Kite (guys it should be normal by now to have nicknames for your gadgets okay), ever since I got a camera upgrade last December. Seriously, I prolly didn't touch Kite since last year. I felt really bad because I've had said camera since 2009 and it was always a lot of fun to bring during my senior year in high school, especially since I was one of the few who could 'legally' bring a camera all the time to school.

I think I neglected Kite a lot more because my new camera, Hanabi, has a magical HD video capability, which was a big upper hand that Kite lacked, considering I used to depend on my digicam for filming things. But anyway, I thought I should stop neglecting my beloved digicam and figured I could go back to documenting some 'wala lang' outfits that I don't deem worthy enough of all the bloodsweateffort that I put into documenting CS outfits and blog about them over here instead.

Uniqlo shirt, Cotton On leggings, People Are People shoes, Human hat, Regina's backpack

Yes, that is my thesis behind me. No, don't ask me why it's there. My mom insisted even if I half-wanted to burn my thesis back then. (Some days, I still do.) I wore this outfit yesterday (Yes, yesterday! So recent!) to run some errands and meet up with a friend for a brief catch up. I purposely bought this shirt in a much bigger size with the intent of wearing it as a shirtdress, and I'm glad the hem stops just at the right length.

Forever 21 sunglasses, H&M chain necklace

For a sunglasses option I went with this sort of cat eye pair. It's rare that I get to document an outfit with my shades on, and that's because I just can't be bothered to switch from my regular glasses to my sunglasses. It's such a hassle, but also such a shame because I don't get to show off my sunnies to the internet world. I should put more effort in doing so.

Also, I think my hair is really that blue. It seems to be capable of being very saturated under the light, be it natural or flash. Though I suppose it DOES seem very, very blue in this photograph, doesn't it?

You may or may not be aware of my obsession with velvet clothing. Welp, I scored a pair on sale at Cotton On during my stay in HK, and they are now known as The Traveling Velvet. Only Terry knows the story behind that name.

Forever 21 scissors necklace, fron HK rings, TAGHeuer (hand-me-down) watch

I am going to be very unapologetic about my K-pop influences (and my fandom in general) and declare that I got this shirt because it reminded me so much of what Kris (EXO) wore in the XOXO album, even if what he wore was basically just the Wolf shirt in gray version. (The whole scarf print thing helped, I guess?) Really, when I saw this at Uniqlo, I immediately thought, "KRIS!" and decided to get it oversized like how he wore it too. This is why this shirt has been and will be referred to as 'The Kris Shirt', especially during this shoot.

I don't think there's anything bad in having external influences in your personal style. Heck, I'm heavily influenced by Japanese street style. Always have been. I think it's just a matter of finding the right inspiration and working it into your own little spectrum. I think it's also in the way you carry it? But then a lot about someone's personal style also lies in how they carry themselves in general anyway.

Like I always say, you can never have too much polka dots. I got this bag for cheap -- so cheap that I sometimes struggle a bit with the zipper, but that's okay. You get what you pay for sometimes.

Shirtdresses are cool. They're so perfect for lazy days.

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