Friday, August 16, 2013

There is a skirt and Angel is in it (The Filmstalgia Post)

Hello! The other day some of my favorite people and I went to go support our magical friend Billie for her 2-day exhibit held at Top Shelf, Fully Booked at BHS. Going to friends' exhibits is always fun because not only are you filled with pride for your friend, you also bask in their presence and the presence of other talented kids. And their art. And in this case, very funny memories from a particular night in November 2010.

This is Angel Billie, whom I affectionately refer to as Blender at times, in a skirt. Basically, this is the highlight of the entire post. You may leave now. (I kid.)

But before we get to more of the exhibit, here is a photo of a lady with a pink cat made out of books with some Jam on the side.

More Jam. She, myself, and Tintin were an hour early upon my request because this particular branch of Fully Booked is my fave and OMNOMNOM BOOKS but the exhibit opened about an hour late so we had two hours on hour hands. (I legitimately subconsciously typed 'hour' instead of 'our' omg what a pun.) Said hours involved a hunt for a particular kind of soda, some coffee, ~*~work talk~*~, and something that may or may not have sounded like, "HELP ME I AM A CAT."

Movie poster for 300 rendered by the not-so-Spartanic Billie LOLJK

Here is a random shot of me, taken by I don't know who, looking at I don't know what.

We then decided to have dinner at Red Kimono which involved discussions about ~*~life~*~ and ~*~the future~*~ and out-of-town trips.

Hi Alex!

Nice try bro. (Relevance here.)

So my friends and I decided a photo op at the red wall with "COMING SOON" would be fitting. Howls of unattractive laughter commenced after a very amusing photo was taken, and a few minutes after calming down, this happened, even if we did not lay a finger on it. This is evidence of how destructive the PGPS presence can be.

Art theft: you're doing it wrong.

Congrats again Billie and all the other Filmstalgia kids! I AM A PUROUDO TOMODACHINGU

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