Thursday, August 22, 2013

R x C

Hello! This was something I wore to a blockmate's birthday party at the beginning of the month. When I got the invite I had already planned to wear this outfit, and then a while later there was the implementation of a dress code which was 'strictly black and/or white only.' Totes good for me because I was already within the dress code, heh.

H&M top, from Hong Kong shorts and socks, b+ab x Hello Kitty shoes

The party was also actually a swimming party, except I had no intentions of going swimming anyway lol. If anything, I was REALLY excited to see my blockmates again, as I had not seen most of them since graduation! HASHTAGCLINGY JK

From HK purse

Also, yes, this outfit was totally, definitely inspired by Wolf. Then again this kindov look has been done by other people and is not exclusive to EXO so... BUT GUYS HAVE I AM SO DONE WITH WOLF BECAUSE GROWL CAN WE JUST???

H&M gold rings, from HK black ring and watch

H&M necklace

I may or may not have gotten this necklace with a certain Bang Yongguk in mind.

OKAY I WILL TELL YOU THE STORY BEHIND THESE SHORTS. I saw a pair of leather/pleather shorts somewhere in HK, and they were nice, except they were either too short or too small or both. I also saw another pair which looked really cool because they were shiny and I called them garbage bag shorts, except they looked like they were too small for me. Then I found this pair and thought, 'MAYBE IT IS TIME.' I think the garbage bag shorts would've been too humid anyway, as much as I worshipped them. These shorts were just... they're not as short as others, but they'd be pretty short if I sat down, so I wore my lace-tripped shorts underneath. (Please count the number of times the word 'shorts' was mentioned, inclusive of this sentence.)

Like always, I was so excited and happy to see my blockmates again. During our time together, I hardly got to see them outside of schooling life because we were either too busy or I wasn't part of the group that would go out and party (because I am not a party person plsss.) Tugstugs kind of parties are never my thing but I always make exceptions for birthdays! That, and this was an excuse to see my blockmates. There's just an irreplaceable bond that is inevitably forged (at least in my case, since we were together 3 out of 4 years sharing every class together, save for electives/NSTP/P.E.) with so much time together. No one has and will ever be able to understand my college life and hardships more than them, because they experienced it all with me.

I suppose... I suppose it's like motherhood? Not that I know what motherhood is like (the extent of my 'motherhood' goes to Miso and Tofu, and I refer to them as my children and not 'pets'), but I think motherhood, or parenthood, really, is something that cannot be fully understood until one becomes a parent.

I think I might not have even been able to make it to the very end if it weren't for my blockmates. I'd go more into detail about my feels, but this post was already made after graduation, so there is no need for any redundant dramu.

It's also worth noting that there was so much alcohol but I didn't have any of it. Not even a sip. Mostly because I had a blood test the next day, but DON'T YOU THINK THIS IS A BIG DEAL? ESPECIALLY IF YOU KNOW HOW MUCH I USED TO DRINK??? I say 'used to drink' because I haven't achully had any alcohol since March, and from that time to today there have been about 3 or 4 life happenings that involved alcohol and yet I remained steadfast and refused. ORANGE YOU ALL PUROUDO? IS THIS IT? HASHTAGSOBERRAIFU???

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