Thursday, August 29, 2013

You Can Call Me Angel

"You can call me Angel" is an inside joke only my friends and I will know, but I promise it is relevant to this post, which is exactly why I entitled it as such. I was really glad the winds were being friendly with me when I shot this outfit because then you get to see just how flowy my overalls are!

Forever 21 top and overalls dress

I would've named this look "Constantine," after Billie's game, but I couldn't help myself with the Angel references. She may or may not kill me, but I know our relationship is capable of getting past this HAHAHA JK

From Hong Kong hand chain, Forever 21 midi rings

YRU Qozmos shoes

Ah, my beloved stompers. Also known as my go-to concert shoes. They instantly make you feel 10x cooler. Or just cool, in my case, because I am very uncool. LEVEL UP! (Also known as one of if not the most expensive pair of shoes I have CRY but I regret nothing. These are my best friends in concerts.)

Angstangstangst. The cut of my dress is achully very mullet, so I was really on the fence with it at first because we all know how much mullet skirts in this cut (and fabric!) make me vomit, BUT! But, because I'm so short, the mullet-ness of it isn't all that noticeable. In fact it just looks like a nice window to show off my shoes.

However, also because I'm so short, the longer hemline of my dress would've been dragging across the floor, had it not been for these babies. They're also my tallest pair of shoes to date!

Oxygen necklace

I achully think entitling this look as "You Can Call Me Angel" is ironic because "Constantine" somehow sounds more fitting, but... it just had to be done.

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