Saturday, May 12, 2012

The Intern Life

Today I woke up a little past 5.30am on my own, looked around, wondered why my mom wasn't up yet, thinking she'd be late for work already, only to realize that it was Saturday and nobody in the house had to be at work. My body's been so used to getting up early and being in the office for most of the day that I didn't realize it was the weekend already.

As I mentioned in my previous post, I'm already in the middle of my on-the-job training for school. Where am I interning exactly? Well...

None other than at! The StyleBible/TheMall people, who are my officemates, are all so nice! Interning at StyleBible is also super convenient 'cause the office is so nearby, plus, I really love Preview magazine so work doesn't really feel like work much. My favorite part of the job (for the most obvious of reasons) is when I get to tag along to photoshoots. Best part of the job, hands down. I love getting behind the scenes and seeing how the shoots take place and all.

This is what I wore to my first day at work. Played it safe because I didn't really know what to expect, although I did have an idea that not everyone at the office is all dressy and stuff.

Other outfits from my first week at work. I'm already in my third week, with two more weeks to finish, one of them being Philippine Fashion Week. I've been enjoying my internship so far, and have already met several of the Preview editors.

So that's what's been keeping me busy for the past weeks. What stresses me out the most, if anything, is having to meet the required number of hours for school before the deadline. I've been able to manage so far, but that's what also explains why I never have any time to do much by the time I get home, despite the fact that I live so close to the office.

I'm so excited to see next month's (and the month after that) ish of Preview because of all the behind the scenes stuff I've witnessed, omg. Go get a copy of Preview mag now! /plug

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Too Long For Too Long

Hi. I haven't blogged in nearly a month. I have no excuses--loljk achully I do. I've been pretty busy with work (OJT started around two weeks ago) and since then I haven't had the time to work on any blog posts. Whenever I DO have time I end up spending it on Final Fantasy XIII because the game is magical and have I mentioned a Hope Estheim?

That shot was taken early on in the game. I'm in Chapter 11 now--oops, my fangirl is showing. Anyway, that's pretty much why I haven't been blogging. Even if work is really near my house, by the time I get home I have dinner and I still have to fix up on stuff and I'm just tired and blahblahblah. I wonder how other ~*~bloggers~*~ pull this off. (Also, because my internship is a ~*~trademark~*~ in my life, it deserves a separate blog post. I will reveal where I'm interning soon enough... hopefully...)

And because it's never official until it's been declared on my blog:

I have short hair now. Like, legit, non-wig, non-mullet, non-long-hair-pinned-at-the-back-trying-to-fool-people kind of short. (Of course, if you've seen my last post on CS and if we're friends on Facebook then this is old news, but like I said it's never official unless it's on the blog.) I had actually been planning on getting short hair since last December, but I always get my haircuts during this time of the year, so I've basically been bracing myself for the big change for a couple of months now.

I gave my hairdresser a collage of pegs and since we're always creatively in sync anyway the end result was perfect and spot-on. I've always been terrified of getting short hair simply because I've always thought that it wouldn't look good on me (not that I'm saying it does now, but you get it). Why I opted for short hair back in December? It's simple, really.

My hair just got too long for too long. I grew out my undercut and the longer layers got insanely long--last I checked it might've reached around 20 inches or so. Since I always make it a point to get drastic changes (or smthn like that) whenever I get a haircut (I only cut my hair once--sometimes twice--a year, so might as well make the most of it and pull a one-time-big-time, right?), I finally chopped off the mermaid locks.

I've always been a firm believer that longer hair offers more versatility (and I still am, really) -- I mean I've been able to pull fake bobs with the length of my hair and stuff. For me, you can do so much more with a longer hair length. But I thought it was time to get short hair once and for all, and you know what?

I REGRET NOTHING. I love my hair! The last time I had legit short hair was back in grade school, so that was a good 8-9 years ago. That's a long time! It's SO refreshing to have my hair short, and in good timing too, because the summer heat is horrible. I don't miss my long hair just yet (I wonder when I will), so that's a good thing.

This is what it looks like now, about two weeks later. I've been battling with the dreaded flyaway (which I have always hated with a passion), but I've learned to work around it. Somehow I want to go even shorter next time -- not anytime soon, just next time. ;)

And so that is all for this life update. As aforementioned, I am so behind on posts. I still have to blog about that shoot I did with 11:11PM, then my recent out of town trip, the blog header that a friend made me that I have yet to put up (I'm sorry huhu) and of course, my magical internship which I am totally enjoying!

Here's hoping I blog more often!