Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Fast (Food) and the Furious

Welcome to the Fast (Food) and the Furious blog post, which was supposed to be called "Cute Chicks and Fast Food" because I'm a cheeky brat who wanted to be straightforward, but the current title of this shoot was more fitting because one: obviously, this involves fast food. Two: the word for that afternoon was 'enggry', which is basically angry. No, we weren't mad. We just have a lot of feelings so we manifest those feelings in consuming food like everyone else.

You may or may not be able to tell, because that may depend on your K-pop knowledge, but this shoot was inspired by EXO's XOXO album shoot. The part with food. Because K-pop has taken over even this aspect of my life. To be honest there really is nothing special about this shoot because just how many photographs are there of chicks eating food with flash photography? Nothing unique about it, but it was still fun to do. I've done several shoots with this kind of lighting though, so there still just a tiiiiny bit of me innit (not that I'm reputable for this kind of lighting in particular, nor am I reputable for anything, nor do I even have a reputation to begin with), except the concept was obviously inspired by XOXO. So I guess this is the Camanina take on that part of the XOXO album shoot.

In short, this short made me hungry because I've been craving sweets really bad, donuts especially. And chocolate, but just sweets in general. Enjoy.

Thank you Camille for shooting with me twice that day, and thank you Ana for consuming pastries even if they weren't going to help you with your then-predicament. I love you both!

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