Friday, August 9, 2013

FFF (Forever 21, Fruits, Flowers)

Forever 21: Kam in ur best F21 outfit pls
Ina: Dafuq does dat even entail bro
Ina: Imma just wear my THUG LIFE tank since it's from F21
Ina: Iz dat coo
F21: We coo
Ina: Ok
F21: Ok

I got to attend the Forever 21 party last night thanks to some work (read: YStyle next Friday, August 16 -- photos by me!) and while I am hardly a ~*~party girl~*~ (you have no idea, NO IDEA, how wrong it would be to even associate me with that label), I very much enjoyed myself because I had a horrible, horrible day. It was a bad day, and it was crummy even until the very moment I stepped into the building where the party was held. (No really, stuff took place even en route to the party.) There were tears. And slight profanity, which only made this party a much-needed escape even if I was on the job.

From Hong Kong collared top, Forever 21 tank top and shoes, H&M skirt and bag

There is something about working with PhilStar that allows me to meet some really rad people. Seriously, this is the fourth time I've been blessed with the opportunity to work with them and for all four times I got to meet some cool beans kids. Last night, I finally got to befriend someone whom I had only admired from afar on the world wide web, met several other bloggers (this is already a given considering the event), a U.N. Ambassador (??!!!?!?!?!), people at SM, and I even got to see some college friends which was totes the highlight of my day. I even got to see Jacque of Stylebible, and she remembered me!!! (Omg sorry I didn't really think I was rememberable especially considering how brief my interning stint was.)

Kate Torralba for Leg Love tights, from HK neon socks

Tofu says hi. I'm pretty sure these tights/stockings are KT, and my mom found them on sale which is cool because I mean we get to feed my tights/socks obsession for less right?

H&M ring, Regina's spike bracelet, Bershka neon cuff

Guys. I am not much of a fruits person. If anything, I really enjoy mostly mangoes and oranges, and grapes if I could have them. But that's it. You know how nearly every kid loved apple juice? Nope, not this one. Hated apple juice (but I'm okay with it now.) I eat apples but not often. I don't even like pineapples. Or watermelons. BUT I AM OBSESSED WITH FRUIT-PRINTED FASHION OKAY CAN WE JUST MAKE THIS A THING??? I need mango-printed clothing to profess my love for the fruit okay. (Actually, just food-printed clothing in general will make me happy.)

To be honest I would've blogged this over on CS, but I didn't want to use up any precious battery juice for the night ahead. It would've been fun to film this outfit though!

The option for heels did not cross my mind at all because my mindset was comfort, obviously because I was going to be working. And I mean these sneaks are F21! If I don't really want to fit the F21 brand image then I figured wearing some pieces from the brand would be enough compensation.

Forever 21 headband, Secondhand (Bloggers United) earrings

I was supposed to wear my fruits headband (it has bananas on it -- I don't eat that often, either) but then I spotted this baby and I was like OH HEEEEY THIS SEEMS MORE FOREVER 21 and the only time I got to wear this out was during my flight home from HK. It was a good decision because it was a big hit with the crowd HAHAHA no joke, a lot of people liked it! And then they gushed over my hair which made me happy. Thank you.

Even my makeup was partially F21! All of the eyeshadows I used were from F21; I went with some purple on the lids then blue on the bottom lashline, while I opted for a bright pink on the lips with some purple on the inner part.

I may not party but I really enjoyed myself. (Admittedly, I found myself semi-dancing -- definition of this term is highly subjective -- some time in the night. One of the DJs even played some Gorillaz and I was like UM OMG I LUV GORILLAS PLS!!!!!!) It was a great kick-off to the long weekend, and now after a night of staying up late, my body is recuperating because it is no longer used to staying up. I am a grandma who goes to sleep early and wakes up early now, which is a far cry from that kid in college who lacked sleep all the time. Am I growing up yet? No? Okay.

Congrats again Forever 21 PH! You are now three years old even if it feels like you were established here for much longer. Three years ago I was just wrapping up my first year in college. Ah how time flies...

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