Wednesday, November 19, 2014

In which there is a video of me showing some recent book acquisitions.

I've never filmed a book haul before -- or any haul, for that matter. The extent of my ~*~hauling~*~ has always just been on this blog, and it typically involved makeup. Somehow I feel just a little more comfortable talking about books than makeup, at least verbally.

Editing this was such a nightmare though. There was just... so much... of my face... I wanted to puke. Seriously, and I think this needs to be said, but YouTubers who make videos of themselves talking or whatever for a living have got some serious self-confidence. Maybe they're just used to it, but I do believe you've got to have at least some degree of self-love to edit videos of yourself without it being extremely uncomfortable. I hardly have any love for myself, but the fact that I managed to put this up in one piece should at least be saying something, right?

I'd also like to reiterate that most of these books were not bought at full price nor were most of them brand new. Out of the pile, about 6 were brand new, one of which still had a small discount. So I think that explains the excessive number of books (and I need not repeat my Battle Royale story, though mentioning it is enough of a perpetuation). Compared to a lot of other booktubers though, this number of books in three months is nothing. I've seen several others who have amassed so much more than this in just ONE MONTH. (In one other person's case, just THREE DAYS. Let that sink in for a moment.)

I dunno about you, but talking about books is really enjoyable. I also feel like book hoarding is a lot more justifiable/a lot less susceptible to judgement than makeup hoarding, because at least books are more... brain-stimulating, so to say. And books have a much longer shelf life, too. Literally, because unlike makeup, books have no expiration date.

Monday, November 10, 2014

On Life and Blogging and Blogging About Life

Recently, I've come to realize that I much prefer blogging without any social media syncing. I used to post on my Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter accounts as soon as a new blog post was up, and then I stopped doing so on Instagram. Then Facebook. Then all three altogether. I know why I stopped syncing posts with my social networking platforms (a reason I can't disclose here), but I've found that I enjoy blogging a lot more when I know people won't find my posts now unless they actually go to my blog of their own accord (or if they're subscribed to my RSS feed or something).

I never blogged for attention, and if anything I only synced my posts to share with my friends, but now I feel so much better just really, truly blogging for myself. I stopped blogging for a while, though I don't know if that was because I was lazy, or had nothing substantial to archive, or I actually felt obliged to blog (!!!) so I avoided doing so.

Back when I was on LJ I never shared posts, mostly because I didn't have anywhere else to share them. Enter the boom of social networking and suddenly I was caught up in the wind of instant sharing and instant publicity amongst my peers. Maybe I wanted instant gratification. Go figure.

I feel so much better blogging like this. Blogging for myself. While I've always blogged for myself from the very beginning anyway, this takes it up a notch because it feels like I'll be the only one seeing my posts, even if that's not really the case since all my posts are public. I REALLY DON'T KNOW WHERE I'M GOING WITH THIS.

If anything I'll prolly only be sharing posts with my closest friends, and even then that will only be if the post involves them. Or if they've been anticipating a post that I've been talking about (see: Terry).

Sunday, November 9, 2014


As referenced in my Quizilla! farewell post, Naruto was gonna end soon. Except it came much sooner than I had anticipated.

November 6, 2014. IT WAS A NIGHT OF COMPLETE DESTRUCTION. Y'all shoulda been on my Twitter. I went on a Naruto rampage for five hours straight, and cried nearly just as long. It was a very, very emotional end, but it was also very, very conclusive and very satisfying. The final chapter was set some years in the future, with Naruto and co. now adults, with their own children and next generation. THEIR OWN CHILDREN!!!!!! It was so overwhelming.

Coming across the finale was totally unexpected because I was expecting it to show up on November 10, only to find out that was for the actual publication, so the chapters were already leaked/released elsewhere. I already started bawling the moment Sasuke apologized in chapter 699, and the tears never stopped after that.

Even thinking about it now is making me teary-eyed. I never knew I could cry so much in a span of 24 hours... though admittedly that got cut short because my fever relapsed (I've been sick the past week -- as of this post I'm still recuperating and honestly prolly should't even be on the computer, heh). My friend and I concluded my body was grieving for me. I suppose it was all for the best because I am just way too tired to cry that much now, and as I'm still recovering, grieving might just aggravate my condition. (Also, I may or may not have cried so much that I can't cry anymore. This has never happened.) (EDIT 101014: OK I LIED I CHECKED THE FINALE AGAIN AND I'M STILL CRYING APPARENTLY I WILL NEVER BE DONE GRIEVING)

But I can't believe it's over. (Naruto, in the distance, screams: "BELIEVE IT!") I got into Naruto around 2007 -- pretty late, as that was already halfway into the Naruto franchise timeline. Still, I fangirl very strongly and I get so emotionally attached to fictional characters. My grieving got as bad as when Harry Potter ended, but this one feels a little worse, if only because I actually have the time and space to grieve on my own.

I kid you not when I tell you there was a lot of ugly sobbing in my room for a while. I am so, so proud of Naruto Uzumaki, the character. He defied all odds and achieved his dream, and is such a good example of really believing in yourself. Self-belief in your self-worth, even when everyone around you thinks you're worthless.

And then showing him with his son... UGH THE EXTREME FEELS. It was like taking Naruto's maturity to a whole new level. But the sole fact that he finally, finally made it to Hokage status -- now that really broke me in the best way possible. How could you not be proud of this little boy who was shunned by everyone? BRB CRYING TO MY DEATH

There have been many losses along the way -- I wish Neji could've been there with the rest of the gang, and for Asuma to see his kid grow up. It was also so darling so have some consistencies amongst the characters being carried over to the next gen, or at least in this present timeline. Like how Naruto still wears orange, or how there's now a new generation of InoShikaChou, or how Boruto is exactly like his father. I HAVE SO MANY FIC PROMPTS! SO MANY QUESTIONS! Who is Lee's baby momma? What's his kid's name? What's the name of Kurenai's kid? WHY DAFUQ WOULD YOU NAME YOUR DAUGHTER SALAD?!?!?!??!!!!!!??????

I have so much closure though, so thank you, Kishimoto-sensei (also, full-colored finale!!!) for all your hard work. You deserve the break! You've given me so much feelings in the past couple of years, and I'm devastated that this chapter of my life -- something that launched in the latter half of my high school life and ultimately fortified some friendships along the way -- has come to a close. I know it had to end eventually, especially after FIFTEEN YEARS, but even then I knew I was going to cry heaps.

That was such a great way to end something as massive as Naruto. Now THAT is how you deliver a manga finale. BELIEVE IT!

(Now I've got the upcoming mini-series to look forward to next year, featuring the new generation of ninja kids. How exciting!)

Sunday, November 2, 2014

FOTD: Halloween 2014

Maybe a month or so before October I said I'd be a sugar skull if I became lazy for Halloween. In hindsight THIS TOOK WAY MORE EFFORT THAN IF I HAD JUST DECIDED ON AN ACTUAL COSTUME. I went to my first legit Halloween party (by that I mean ~*~nightlife~*~) and it was so fun and I just wish all parties were Halloween parties. There were several other sugar skulls at the party and it was fun seeing fellow 'sugar skull sisters' though I felt like it might've made me seem unoriginal... Can't be helped since there was that Book of Life film that just came out so sugar skulls have been getting a lot of limelight lately.

Makeup took me like 2 hours, though I think that was also partially because I was setting up my lights and camera 'cause I wanted to film the whole makeup process. I gave up filming halfway because I was getting really sloppy with my application and I didn't charge my batteries anyway so my camera ran out of juice long before I was even finished.

I'd like to think I did fairly well? And the makeup did not smudge at all even when I was getting a little oily, not to mention sweaty, so that was totally satisfying. I didn't even put any primer whatsoever (because I forgot -- at the most all I had as a primer was some bb cream) and it still didn't budge at all! This picture was shot after maybe 6-7+ hours or so and the makeup really held up nicely.

All the gunk on my face is like... 'real' makeup. As in makeup-makeup and no face paints or theater makeup or anything fancy. (Life might've been much easier had I used more appropriate makeup though...)

If everyday were Halloween maybe life would be less cruel. That, or people might be a lot friendlier.