Thursday, January 22, 2015

toilettereads: December 2014


More under the cut (spoiler-free, hurray!) for the actual reads of last month.

Monday, January 19, 2015

Thursday, January 8, 2015

BTS: Alex + Ana

Here is a video of some snippets from my shoot with Alex, which mostly involves putting on makeup at the speed of light, and an annoying child:

And then there is this gorgeous BTS vid from my shoot with Ana, c/o the wonderful Carlos:

There are also some snippets in that video that give you a ~*~sneak peek~*~ into Vol. II of the shoot, hoho. Carlos takes SUCH great BTS videos; he also made one from one of my thesis shoots, which you can find here. I especially love his ambient shots; they really set the mood and give a more artistic feel to behind-the-scenes footage.

I've always loved BTS stuff from shoots. They're always so insightful and just generally fun to watch. Thanks again to Terry for helping out with BTS and the shoot itself with Alex, and to Carlos for the same with Ana's shoot!

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Anette Vol. I

Fun little shoot with Ana today, with some special thanks to Carlos! Volume II to be up... someday. I used a different image host this time, because when I uploaded via Blogspot, the photos came out yellowish again. I really don't know if I never noticed the colors of my pictures coming off as yellowish back then, but it's very evident now and it's rather irritating.

Anyway, thanks for today, Ana and Carlos! We call these the "art... eh" shots. Because they're so... ~*~artsy~*~ But they're also very... arte.

Saturday, January 3, 2015

First Shoot 2015

Happy 2015! Alex was kind enough to invite some of us over to her place to hang (and to indulge in yet another shoot request) today, and this was the outcome of the latter. It was a very simple and quick shoot, made all the more fun by the company I was surrounded by. I'm glad I got to have a shoot so early on in the year, as I feel like I wasn't able to do much of it during the latter half of last year.

I won't bother making a 2014 recap, because if I ever will blog about what 2014 was to me, I'd rather give it its own post, as I'd like to avoid putting any negativity in this post (2014 was just... sigh).

Also, for some reason, some of these shots look a little yellowish when I uploaded them on the Blogspot. Especially that last photo! It's really annoying. Please send help.

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

toilettereads: November 2014

Also, a video showing other books I got in November:

Not that I read a whole lot or anything. I fell sick for the first week of November, and while you might think that such a situation would've been a perfect opportunity to catch up on my reading, whooo boy, lemme tell you, it totally wasn't. This was the kind of sick with a high fever that induced a migraine for two days. It was not cool at all. Nevertheless, I at least still managed to get some reading done.

Deets under the cut, and no spoilers, so it's all safe.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

In which there is a video of me showing some recent book acquisitions.

I've never filmed a book haul before -- or any haul, for that matter. The extent of my ~*~hauling~*~ has always just been on this blog, and it typically involved makeup. Somehow I feel just a little more comfortable talking about books than makeup, at least verbally.

Editing this was such a nightmare though. There was just... so much... of my face... I wanted to puke. Seriously, and I think this needs to be said, but YouTubers who make videos of themselves talking or whatever for a living have got some serious self-confidence. Maybe they're just used to it, but I do believe you've got to have at least some degree of self-love to edit videos of yourself without it being extremely uncomfortable. I hardly have any love for myself, but the fact that I managed to put this up in one piece should at least be saying something, right?

I'd also like to reiterate that most of these books were not bought at full price nor were most of them brand new. Out of the pile, about 6 were brand new, one of which still had a small discount. So I think that explains the excessive number of books (and I need not repeat my Battle Royale story, though mentioning it is enough of a perpetuation). Compared to a lot of other booktubers though, this number of books in three months is nothing. I've seen several others who have amassed so much more than this in just ONE MONTH. (In one other person's case, just THREE DAYS. Let that sink in for a moment.)

I dunno about you, but talking about books is really enjoyable. I also feel like book hoarding is a lot more justifiable/a lot less susceptible to judgement than makeup hoarding, because at least books are more... brain-stimulating, so to say. And books have a much longer shelf life, too. Literally, because unlike makeup, books have no expiration date.