Saturday, June 15, 2013

April 2013

Okay, I lied. Apparently I had enough clips to make an adequate video recap of April. It's not much though since three life happenings that took place in this vlog still have pending posts (both here and on CS.)

April 2013:
• Going to the MMA exhibit at Rockwell (mostly for Ana, but hey art exhibits are always rad) with Terry, Kevin and Maronne.
• Later that night, Terry, Kevin and I went to Eastwood for drinks as per tradition whenever Kevin's in town. We met up with Alex, only to find out that our beloved Gitara Grill (see this post) was gone. We ended up at this bar called Graffiti instead. RIP Gitara Grill, wherever you are.
• Randomly meeting Camille (finally!) at Greenhills!!!
• Car ride in The Vejazz with some blockmates after picking up our photos from graduation day.
• Harry Potter Day at Terry's with Alex. We made outfits inspired by HP characters: Alex was Hagrid, Terry was Lupin, I was... it'll be a surprise for when that post comes out. (When???)
• Hanging around High Street area for the EWWS FOODS exhibit with Camille.

And photos! Just three though.

The beginnings of #0.

The first #0.

I feel so proud of myself for clearing my vlog backlog. Now I only have my May recap to work on! (Sad to say it isn't the same for the rest of my blog...)

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