Friday, January 31, 2014

December 2013

I NEVER POST ON TIME ANYMORE GO ME!!!!!!! I have so much backlog, and said backlog just continually grows because I always want to post at a certain sequence. Like this December 2013 round up post needs to be posted before the 2013 summary post, and nothing else significant can be posted before the 2013 year-end post. But it's already the end of January 2014, what can you do.

December was great. December was cold. I was in Macau for a day, and it was crazy. My mom and I had lunch there and explored Senado a little more thoroughly, as the last time we were there, we were running on a schedule. Not that this time was any different- in fact, our schedule was even tighter than last time!

Senado during Christmastime! Much fun, though the throngs of people getting in the way of proper picture-taking was a little aggravating. Hashtagtourist yo.

Mama and I had to leave about an hour before our boat was to leave, but when we got to the taxi queue we were like LOLNOPE NOT GONNA HAPPEN because it was unbelievably long, so we walked around trying to hail a taxi elsewhere. That proved to be a failure, and on the inside I was already secretly panicking because I was all WHAT TO DO WHAT TO DO WHAT IF WE MISS OUR BOAT NO WTFFFFFF and about 20 minutes had already passed... and then suddenly my mom found a pedicab stand that could take us to the docks. Kindov pricey, but we at least got to see more of Macau on the streets. The picture above was taken while we were on the pedicab so it's kinda crooked, but anyway you can see more footage of that ride in the vlog. It was great that the weather was so cool, else the otherwise Macau heat would've just made us irritable. What an adventure.

I also finally went to that 1881 Heritage place in Hong Kong because why not? It was always nearby and I had always put it off for some reason. Maybe the weather just made me less lazy to go places.

A lot of prenup/wedding shoots take place there, and I feel like there's a 90% chance of you witnessing anything wedding-related should you check out this place.

One time my mom and I had dinner at this Japanese place in Causeway Bay, and I was delighted to see Totoro there hanging on the wall. I mean... it's Totoro. Why wouldn't you be happy?

There's more footage in the vlog, so go watch if you'd like. Another thing about December 2013 was that it was my first true experience of winter in Hong Kong. (Okay, I suppose November counts.) But you get it. I remember one night -- I think the night we had that dinner in Causeway -- I was underdressed in terms of layers and I was FREEZING LIKE NOBODY'S BUSINESS. I don't really know what else to say, as I'm keeping most of my Hong Kong experience in separate posts, no matter how old and late they already are.


Tuesday, January 7, 2014

November 2013

November 2013 in vlog form is composed of:
• Christmas decorations were put up! As of this post, they've already been taken down, and somehow the house feels a little emptier.

• One day in November Terry picked me up so we could hang at her place, however it ended up into a very spontaneous sleepover. Literally, when I got there, her mom was like, "Ina would it be too much to ask if you could spend the night?" (because we didn't know Terry and her parents were driving off to Angeles that day) so I ended up going back home to get some stuff and spent the night at Terry's. It was a very insightful sleepover; we learned a lot more about ourselves and each other. Like, a lot. (Srsly, Terry has so much dirt on me now, it's scary.)

• Jam's birthday celebration! (Related post here.) Jam's birthdays are always fun.

• I went back to Hong Kong the day after MAMA 2013, which was such a bummer because I WAS LESS THAN 24 HOURS AWAY FROM THE AWARDS SHOW, but I compensated by checking out the Mnet exhibit and indirectly holding hands with my biases. I think it is also worth noting that I was tuned in to the awards show, and that night I live-tweeted everything to the point of getting Twitter-jailed, WHICH WAS A FIRST FOR ME AND OMG IT WAS SO FRUSTRATING BUT REALLY FUNNY AS WELL. Oh kpop, the things you do to me.

I arrived in HK at the nick of time though, because the exhibit was only going to run until the end of the week I arrived!

• I found a random cat store somewhere along the Ladies' Market in Mong Kok. ALL THE PRESHUS KITTIES PLS

• My dad and I also made it a point to finally check out Kowloon Park. We were always in the area, and always passed by it, but were also always too lazy to go see it because it was always humid. It was pretty chilly when we went back though, so it was the perfect weather to take a nice stroll in the park.

Not included in this vlog is footage from our trip to Ocean Park which was omgwtfbbq so magical and totes reinforced a panda obsession in me. Had to exclude it because the vlog was already long enough on its own, and my Ocean Park trip had a lot of documentation, enough to have its own video and so and so.

Anyway, I'll be going back to HK tomorrow, possibly for the last time ever. Or maybe the last time in a very long time? Eh wtvr, see you in the next post!

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Over the Shoulder

I am probably doomed to be in permanent blogging backlog since my first post for 2014 is an old outfit that isn't even from December, it's from November. SUCH IS MY LIFE

H&M blazer, Topshop top, Human Black skirt

Oh well. So how was your New Year's? I spent mine on the toilet, removing my food and drink intake both up and down because of an upset stomach, and my first day of 2014 was mostly spent in bed nursing a migraine that I woke up with. Holla 2014 yo.

Rebel Gear ring

Vintage/Forever 21 necklaces

I wanted to get some backlog outta the way first because of my Annual Post of Sap a.k.a. my year-ender recap, and I can't do that without posting my November-December monthly recaps. So. Priorities. Looking back, I apparently made my 2012 recap post in February 2013. Maybe we should make bets on how late I'll be with my 2013 recap this time.

Loveis shoes

My shoes have whiskas your argument is invalid.

B+AB tissue box holder

Yeah that's right. My purse is a tissue box holder. You only wish you were as cool as me.

My cousin asked me some time ago what I thought about this kindov look where you wear your blazer over your shoulders. I said, "I like how it looks, and I've always wanted to try it, but... it looks kinda hassling with the restraining movement and all. I'd prolly try it at some dinner event or something...?" In the end I tried it out in the mall. Final verdict: movement isn't really all that restraining, from what I remember, though I think I did have to fix my blazer's positioning every now and then.

Oh oh casually takes this intarwebz space to pimp out a newly-launched local business: check out Noun PH on Facebook and Instagram! They're pretty new so they need all the love they can get, what with the new year and all. I like how they market their pieces like a dictionary, giving descriptions to the names of the pieces. (Welp, they're called Noun for a reason.) I don't normally make online purchases (I can probably count with my fingers just how many times I've bought something from the internet -- excluding anything K-pop because usually I tag along with a friend who's ordering) because I AM JUST NOT MADE FOR ONLINE SHOPPING BECAUSE OF MY PARANOIA so I can't really attest to any of Noun's services or wtvr, seeing as I've never bought anything from them, but I'm plugging this for a friend because I'm tryna be a better person this 2014.

Just kidding on that last part. That just makes me look like I'm doing a ~*~good deed~*~ to make me feel better about myself, and we all know I'm secretly just part of the derp squad on the inTErnEts.