Wednesday, August 21, 2013

July 2013

Nothing much happened in my life during July, according to this video. The first clip shows the lovely Janelle from when we met up in Hong Kong! Meeting up with friends in another country is always a delight, and that meeting in July marked my 3rd friendship meet-up. I hope there will be more of those in the future.

In July I came home from HK with my mom in tow, surprising our family members hohoho. Most of the footage in this vlog are just random snippets and BTS from these shoots. At the end you see some random clips with Jam from that coffee date I mentioned here.

So... July was relatively quiet I suppose? Well not TOO quiet since I got to shoot after 95873498543 years, but really, July was... chill, I guess. I don't even have photos to show save for the ones from the shoots.

August, however. Heh. August has been jam-packed with life happenings, not to mention waves and waves of rain. It's scary. I remember this time last year was that habagat, and classes were suspended for a week (much like now.) In that week, I did nothing related to my then-work-in-progress thesis. All I did was play Harvest Moon: Back to Nature, download Kingdom Hearts 'films' until the wee hours of the morning (which was sad because whenever it was thesis-related I could never manage to stay up late enough), and spazz with Alex over our KH feels as she was in the middle of playing KH3D back then.

I hope this time next year the weather will at least be more forgiving.

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