Wednesday, August 14, 2013

June 2013

June 2013 vlog! It's strange; it's already August yet June feels like a distant memory now, despite it being relatively recent. In June I was back in Manila, only to fly back to HK that same month. Here's a recap of what this vlog includes:

• I met up with some blockmates for a brief hangout. (Actually, we met up for some concealer. No joke.)
• Met up with Camille once more! Getting to meet up with her brings me so much joy, and the clip that includes her was funny because it was shot prior to her Daily Grind shoot.
• I also got to hang out with Ana again, and I got to see gameplay of the new Devil May Cry game for the first time. I even got to play and helped Ana get through a boss fight. (Anina power y'all.) I also met Ana's friend Maysie that same day, and she is mega cool.
• Also in June was that shoot I did with Young Star! I got to meet Mye Chung and her beautiful cats, and for the record: Mye, her cats, and her studio are all very, very pleasant. It was a joy getting to meet her, yet also a little... peculiar, I'd say, as I had heard of her back in my high school days (then her college days) when we were both still on DeviantArt.
• I FINALLY got to play Alice: Madness Returns... except ever since I went back to Hong Kong and come back from there I haven't resumed playing it.
• And then there was the B.A.P LOE HK concert a.k.a. THE HIGHLIGHT OF JUNE 2013 AND MAYBE EVEN 2013 ITSELF??? More at the beginning of this post on how I ended up in HK after only two weeks back in Manila.

Here is a photo of Bel, Anette, and... I will assume this is Korra, but I could be wrong.

Ana's friend Maysie, from what I know, is a photographer as well. Ana was insistent that we meet each other because of this similarity, plus our hair colors, and the fact that we both have tattoos. I don't know what Maysie's current hair color is, but I loved this faded mint green. Hair envy!

Together, we were cotton candy heads. (Also, deets of what I was wearing are here!)

That day was also the weirdest and most awkward Anina day to date. It involved spices, family members, the word 'bitches', and... other things. Thank you always, Anette.

June was also my friend Stephy's birthday month, and some of my favorite people and I met up to celebrate it. I could only stay for a brief coffee date in the afternoon though as I had my cousin's graduation party to attend to later that night.

More Terry! (Her outfit deets are here.)

And more Tintin!

These are Mye Chung's beautiful cats. I don't remember their names anymore, but they were such darlings. Such fluffballs. I wanted to hug them all afternoon. They are beautiful and majestic.

Every Sunday (okay maybe just most Sundays) my dad and I are at Shang for mass, and usually my dad gets these hotdog things at the nacho stall where Sabrett is located. Said stall has been there ever since I was a kid, though they did go through a name change of a sort.

My wallpaper for a while. This was still pre-LOE HK, so you can imagine how hyped I already was. (Currently, my phone wallpaper is now a photo of EXO's maknae from the repackaged album. Prior to that it was blonde!Kai.)

I think June was really good to me. Maybe I'm just subconsciously referencing LOE HK, but really! June was good for the most part, I'd like to think. It was insane when I realized that half of the year had come and gone by the end of June though, and it felt more ridiculous when I also realized I wasn't in school in the month of June. So surreal.

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