Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Life update as of 052014

1. It's four in the morning. I got up at 3am to work on something (read: cram). I hafta get up in three hours.

2. Real life has been consuming. I'm at that time of my life where I don't know where I'm going, and I'm struggling to just breathe and it's all so scary. I've been riding an emotional roller coaster (in fact, a meltdown took place just yesterday) and I've been so drained with everything. There's been a lot of self-reflecting lately. It's overwhelming.

Real life is real hard.

I really miss photography. I miss a lot of things. Lately, the simplicity of life a while back.

I don't get to vlog anymore because I don't have any footage. I don't get to read all my books that are sobbing for attention. Blogging is the least of my priorities, but I really do miss it. Most times, my spare time (minuscule as it is) is spent on sleep, the internets (of course) and occasionally video games.

3. Speaking of, I have a gaming blog with my friend Alex! It's a lot chattier than this personal blog and I've updated that more than this blog since my unofficial hiatus. I've always wanted to write about games (my obsession with video game magazines manifested in grade school) and I know I'm not good at it at ALL (or writing in general... cry) but it's been total fun. Sharing common interests with your favorite people is always time well spent.

4. I have dyke hair.

Okay, not really, but my haircut turned out much shorter than I planned. No biggie since this prolongs the lifespan of the cut, but I've had to dress to the extremes of either really girly or really ~*~manry~*~ because anything in between looks a bit off. I'm just glad I'll have a fringe after 983496734530 years. Growing out my last cut made me sick of my hair, and perhaps short hair in general, so I may or may not decide to grow my hair out again. This, however, may take another 9847569823752985 years.

5. I'm turning 22 on Friday. TGIF.