Sunday, October 25, 2015


Stereotypical gothic-esque shoot for October a.k.a. Halloween season! Thank you so much to my team (Hi Alex! Hi Terry! Hi Je! Hi Stephy! Hi parents for sponsoring my life!) because this image would not have been possible without them. (Seriously though if it weren't for Terry's participation we wouldn't have achieved the final lighting setup.)

This has got to be one of my favorite shoots this year so far. Actual shooting took about 5 minutes or less because we managed to get the winner shot right away. One thing I've noticed about myself -- especially in comparison to my high school self -- is that I'm a lot more focused on quality than quantity now, both in shooting and the final photos that get to see the light of day.

I miss the naivety I had as a high schooler though. I used to have this fervent curiosity with photography; I was so bright-eyed and bushy-tailed. I'm still curious (I mean I've been very experimental with my photography this year), and I'm still excitable (to an extent), but there's definitely a light in me that has gone out over the years. Maybe it can't be helped, after the reality of, well, real life.

Anyway, advanced Happy Halloween everybody! Posting this now because I honestly couldn't wait until the 31st to share this. I was going to make this a part of the Hanahaki Byou series, but it just didn't go towards that direction. Also, this may or may not be a prelude to another shoot concept I'm cooking up. Who knows.

Alternate title is "Playboy Bunny Gone Wrong" or something along those lines, according to my friends. Stay spooky, kids!