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The Great Hair Story (Part 2 of 2): 2012 - 2013

Previously on toiletteregina, we dissected the various mutations my hair went through over the years. In this post, we conclude the saga (at least for now, until several other transformations are collated in the next few years) with my hair changes since last year. Actually, 2013 alone already involved different hair reworks, which is why 2012 and 2013 were separated from the first post.

Photo by Billie!

So after growing out my undercut, I had attempted coloring my hair another shade again (possibly something red? -no, I vaguely remember trying out a really light color to try and lighten my hair), but the dyes would only latch on to the my roots. By 2012, I had reverse ombre hair for a while. I absolutely HATE ombre hair (unless maybe the base color is already very light to begin with) but totes love reverse ombre (I mean, imagine blonde roots and black hair omg???!!!) so it was really no problem for me. It was also around this time that I realized how tough it is to get rid of black dye.

With the absurd length my hair was reaching, I began wearing my hair in a big bun a lot.

And then my hair just got ridiculously long.

So I started donning the fake bob again.

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Until I got a legitimate bob for real. I got an asymmetrical bob, so one side's length was longer than the other. I remember mentally preparing myself for this cut for months because it was years (read: grade school life) since I last had short hair. The mullet haircuts never counted as short hair to me as I still had long layers which I considered the actual length of my hair. This haircut was the first time I had 'real' short hair. I figured after having long hair for so long, it was high time I chop it all off. Plus, I was getting sick of the longness. Oh, and I attempted dyeing my hair red, if you can tell from my roots here.

However, after a beach trip in the summer, my red hair quickly faded into a brown shade.

Just a little after my senior year in college started (wow, and we started this timeline with my high school sophomore life omg where did the time go), I dyed my hair red again, and it turned out much redder than I expected. I got a little nervous at the time because it might've been too bright for school (ah, the woes of strict school rules despite being in Fine Arts) but I got away with it without any hiccups. I never really realized how red it actually was until a few months later, when I got a peek at my class pictures that school year.

Before long I was able to tie my hair up in a ponytail again.

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Then, by the time I had to have my graduation pictures taken, my hair was at this length and this color. It turned into a darker shade after a little hair dye trial some time during my semestral break that school year, and by then I was already beginning to get annoyed with my hair. Besides the color (dark colors for my hair is something I only prefer when the length is either really short or really long), the length and style were getting on my nerves as well. I was finding it very plain, what with having lived with layered hair for so long.

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Then, by December of that year, my hair was red again and the under layers of my hair were blue! It was the first time I had a hair color so 'extreme' as that kindov thing was never permitted in my life, thanks to school. Having the under sides of my hair blue was a good option as I could still hide it in school.

Then the blue gradually faded into a green.

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Enter summer 2013 a.k.a THE FLOODGATES HAVE OPENED a.k.a. I actually went blonde for the first time ever, and got my hair cut the shortest it ever was (until later on at least.) I absolutely loved this gray color, though I wished it last much longer. This color was the catalyst for the several hair revamps I went through this year. Read on.

After the ash color washed off, I had greenish/corn hair for a while.

I began curling my hair with thoughts of a certain member of a Japanese band in mind, but I totes did it wrong and ended up looking like a K-pop bias instead.

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And then, on a whim, I dyed my hair pink. It was a hit or miss for me at the time, because my roots were showing and they looked less terrible with blonde hair. (For the record, I had no plans of maintaining the blonde, so roots were going to be inevitable.) By May, my hair was reaching Bieber realness.

The pink eventually faded into a peach shade, which was nice because I've always wanted peach hair too.

Then the pink left me completely, and I was a warm-toned blonde.

Then I began to grow tired of my hair again, so I started doing this weird pseudo mohawk thing.

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I went blue by July. It was initially a very dark blue color - practically black blue - but showed up very nicely under the light. It was a good change because the shade went seamlessly with my already long roots.

Based on previous experience, I assumed the blue would fade into a green, but it just got bluer.

And bluer it got. The ends of the blue faded into purple for some reason, but it was so much fun.

By the time I took this picture, I was pretty much on the verge of resigning to another haircut again.

And so I did. Enter latest haircut, which is already a month old and thus is totally old news to you if we're friends on Facebook, but when are things ever really official until they're on my blog?

This is the back view. My hair peg, for the very first time, was someone from K-pop LOL All the other haircuts were some other random stuff on the internet, or the Japanese. My hair peg for this cut was actually One Shot!Youngjae of B.A.P, though it turned out more One Shot!Yongguk. There's nothing spectacularly unique about it, to be very honest. I mean, I saw several renditions of this on guys in Hong Kong (and some even here), but omg it's so much fun pls. This is also the shortest my hair has ever, ever been (since I was a baby at least HAHA) and I love it so much. It is so, so liberating.

Photo by one of my cousins!

A few days later, I followed up my hew haircut with a new hair color. The blue ends were a result of my bleaching way back during my initial ash blonde era, so it ended up much lighter during the lightening stage. As of this post, the green is now a sort of golden olive shade, and the blue is practically white now. Not sure what I have in mind next in terms of color, but for cut I've been toying with the idea of getting a pixie cut as it's been a dream hairstyle of mine for so many years. I guess ever since getting the big chop in 2012, I just went shorter and shorter. Not once did I even miss my long hair, no matter how versatile I believe long hair can be.

SO CONCLUDES INA'S HAIR TIMELINE SINCE 2006. What a fun ride. Thank you for reading and enduring so much of my face in two posts. You deserve an award.

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