Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Always the Flower Girl

And never the bride. Loljk that's totally wrong, but my outfit reminded me of flower girls and whatnot.

This is a megasuperold outfit, and I know for a fact that I wore this on the first of September. This was the weekend before I got sick, and during the whole dengue ordeal I was too sick to bring myself to the computer. After recovering I just wasn't up to post-processing or browsing much, and so ultimately I lost the groove of blogging things for a while. To this day I have yet to properly document another outfit I've worn.

Meh, better late than never.

Bought from a bazaar top, H&M dress, custom-made petticoat... thing

I think I've been a flower girl thrice, and I remember being really uncomfortable during all three times. Besides my irritation for formalwear, I also really hated being part of the entourage because I didn't want everyone's eyes on me. I was awfully shy as a kid.

From Hong Kong shoes and socks

Crossings Department Store bag, gifted/from Palawan/from HK rings

Forever 21 necklace

I was part of the entourage again at the last wedding I attended, which was nearly a year ago. At that wedding, I was a bridesmaid for the first time, and while it was still awkward, it wasn't as bad as when I was a kid. (The first time I was a flower girl, I was crying the entire way down the aisle out of stage fright. I kid you not.) Being a bridesmaid was much more toxic, though.

K2 headband

One of these days I'd like to attend a wedding again, but this time as just a guest. It'd be interesting to come up with some 'wedding-appropriate' attire, especially when there's a motif! I really like dressing up when there's a theme involved, because not only are you given a vein of dressing to guide you, there are also restrictions, and it's always fun to work around those restrictions without compromising your own style.

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