Monday, November 18, 2013

October 2013

October vlog is mostly footage of my Halloween, but to break it down, the video is composed of the following:

• Long escalator ride down in, um, Times Square? In Hong Kong.
• Random fireworks somewhere in Laguna when we were on the way home from our Batangas trip.
• First face-to-face meeting with a friend I made online.
• Halloween 2013 a.k.a. "Let's Spend The Afternoon In Greenbelt."

Hmm, where to start. Uh, you know how I suddenly dove into K-pop this year headfirst without any safety net? Well, there are perks despite all the broken hearts and even broker wallets. Around maybe 3 months ago, thanks to Camille, I came across this chick on Twitter. To make things brief and less detailed, I tweeted her something about B.A.P and we've been friends ever since. The funniest part of the beginning of our friendship was how unsure I was about her sexual orientation, initially thinking she was actually a he.

Plus, her nickname's Emman (not 'Eman' because oh well how can you blame the baristas for misspelling your name), and her nickname's directly derived from her actual name, and the only Emman in my life before her was an old male blockmate from senior year.

But anyway! We met face-to-face for the first time, and it was magical. Like every other AU out there, we hung out at a coffee shop (namely, Starbucks) and talked about... what else, K-pop. And ~*~high school~*~ and ~*~friendships~*~ and prospective-but-actually-nonexistent ~*~love lives~*~ Besides fangirling over mutual fandoms, it was great getting to know each other  better and even delving into more personal topics. Emman's probably the first online K-pop friend I've met in real life, not counting Camille because we technically physically met before becoming friends.

Emman's probably the first K-pop friend I've made! Our friendship grew very organically, and I owe it all to her (and partially K-pop) for my Twitter being dumbed down and derpy HAHAHA NO JK Emman's super derpy online (several times I have spent laughing by myself just going through her tweets), but I know for a fact that she writes superbly well (a talent I wish I had), and I'm really excited for her life! She's also the prettiest when she smiles and laughs, and is the first first K-pop friend I've made ever since my ~*~conversion~*~

It was surprisingly easy to talk to her about personal things, despite something as simple as a fandom bringing us together. Also, please note our exponential heigh difference.

She also got me this when we met and it was really sweet of her and omg my kokoro!!! The letter included was a response from a handwritten letter I mailed her before, and not seen in the picture is a cute drawing of one of my biases keke. Another meeting, this time with Camille, is in the talks for December, and I really hope it pushes through because I feel like the three of us together would spell greatness (read: derp.) Thank you Emman!!!

The next day was Halloween, and while trick-or-treat plans fell through, I managed to catch the beautiful Alex on her coffee break from work because I was in the area. The meeting was brief but heartfelt, something I think I need more of in my life because it's just a good reminder of how blessed I am to have such incredible people in my life and how getting together can be very pleasant no matter how brief the meeting.

For Halloween this year I was a pumpkin, and the last and only other time I was a pumpkin was when I was 1 or 2 years old. There's a funny story regarding this costume choice, so it was a significant costume to sport this year. I pretty much spent the entire afternoon traipsing Greenbelt as a lone pumpkin (Alex and I did manage to spot one of my pumpkin brethren in the form of a baby!) because I had to wait for my dad to get off work before going home.

Overall, October was fun. The highlight of it was meeting Emman, of course. I mean, I guess it's because I love meeting new people and making new friends, though I don't usually go out of my way to approach them. Anyway, I'll be in Hong Kong this weekend and will be staying for a month, though I'm a little disappointed that my arrival is just a day short of MAMA 2013. Notmeant2b.

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