Sunday, November 18, 2012

Awkward Smiling 2012

So uh. I did my own ~*~hair and makeup~*~ for my ~*~graduation picture~*~

Ha. Hahahahaha. The photos in this blog post were taken after the commute home plus a really sweaty visit to the thrift shop though, so part of my face had already melted away by the time I photographed myself. I mean you can totes tell, right?

This was the first time I had ever done makeup for something so ~*~important~*~ Everybody knows I'm like a really huge makeup junkie but for really, REALLY special occasions (not that I have many of those very often anyway) I usually turn to my mom to do my face and stuff. But she wasn't around for my grad pic, so I had to do it myself. I'd like to think I did an at least passable job, but please don't judge based on these pictures since I DID sweat off a lot of my makeup by the time I got around to taking these so...

I didn't want to do anything unnatural so I stuck with browns and peach tones. I mean, it's a grad picture. You want to look like yourself innit, right? So I stayed away from anything heavy.

Basically I placed a peach/kinda orange?/maybe-but-not-really-skin tone eyeshadow, then placed a brown at the outer corners and blended the hell outta that. I think I used a light foundation powder for my brow bone. Then juuuust a little bit a shimmery color in the inner corners. I also used a brown eyeliner with some of that same brown eyeshadow for my lashline, then just a light coating of mascara. And just the same brow routine. There's more that I did but wtvr it's not like I'm making a tutorial here or anything.

As for the lips I went with some sort of lightish pinkish color? Sort of a 'my lips but better', except just a tiny bit pinker.

I also had to blow dry my hair. Omg. I never blow dry my hair anymore because it's usually always up or in buns and when it's down, it's usually curly from being in a bun. LOOK AT HOW LONG MY HAIR IS NOW COMPARED TO MY SHORT HAIR IN THE SUMMER! I'm beginning to dislike my unstyled hair though. It looks so plain and boring, especially for someone like me who has lived with layered hair for years and years and years. I mean admittedly it looks nice and neat when it's blow dryed, but I find it so boring!

Anyway, this my current hair color. For reference, I talked about my recent hair coloring in this post. I don't even know how to describe this color; in real life my roots really are insanely light (like, a light brown), and most of my hair looks kinda maroonish/rust-like/some sort of brown when under the sun. I don't even know anymore.

When I saw my grad pic though... man. I don't even know how to smile unless it's a genuine smile when I'm happy and stuff. And the angles they made us pose in! So unflattering! Doing my own makeup was awkward enough (I didn't have time to practice or anything so I was all LOL SCREW IT on the spot), BUT MAAAAN I hate doing formal pictures and stuff. Awk awk awk.

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