Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Prom 4.0

I've been to prom four times now.

From Hong Kong top/dress (worn underneath), Miss Selfridge dress, Thrifted shoes

Well, I didn't attend a prom four times, per se. The first and only one I really attended was my own, in my junior year of high school. The following year, as a senior, I had a partner-in-crime in an attempted crashing of our juniors' prom. The year after (or possibly the same year), I attended the debut of a friend, and the event room across ours was hosting a school's promenade, which we promptly crashed for about thirty seconds.

This year, my friend Jam thought it'd be fun to have a prom-themed birthday celebration, and I'm always game for themed anythings.

From Palawan pearl rings, Apostrophe eyeball bracelet, Thomas Sabo pearl bracelet (gifted), Gachapon ring, Forever 21 knot ring, J & C Online Boutique bracelet

Zara earrings, from HK choker

If I had to relive my prom again, I would totally wear this. Maybe I'd switch the shoes for something more 'appropriate,' and maybe I'd ditch the choker too, only because my high school was very conservative. But besides those two things, I think this seems like a very 'prom' outfit, though still something I'd wear out (which I did, because Jam celebrated her birthday in Bonifacio High Street, and we ended the night at this bar called Rue Bourbon.) To be honest though, I thought prom was so overrated. Not Jam's theme, but my actual prom years ago. Everybody made such a big fuss over it. I didn't make an effort to go find some fancy dress (in fact, the dress I wore was something I just spotted at the department store- when I saw it, I simply thought, "Oh hey, this seems 'formal' enough.") and I didn't stress over it at all. It was no big deal to me then, and I don't regret that to this day. I didn't see the point in spending a notable amount of money on a dress that I'd probably only wear once... unless maybe said dress is my wedding dress or something. (Though my friends and I also joked that this outfit was my wedding dress for the night, heh.)

That said, I didn't spend a substantial amount of cash on this dress either. Miss Selfridge is pretty expensive for me, however this was on sale; it was around P800+ or so, which is pretty reasonable for something from Miss Selfridge. (If I remember right, my actual prom dress back then was probably around that price range too, if not less.) I really liked how feminine the dress was when I saw it, and when it was purchased, I suddenly realized I had something fitting for Jam's prom-themed birthday!

For makeup, I sorta played around with the colors of my dress and used some light blue shades on my eyes, then adding some silver eyeshadow below. Then for lips I just used a pale lavender with purple on the insides.

I'll blog about the actual celebration some other time, on a separate post. Thanks again for that night, Jam, and a belated happy birthday again! I love you!

Also, thank you Papa for taking my outfit pictures because I was too lazy to do my actual usual set up. And the sun was going down so I was pressed for time. Youz a lifesaver, appa.

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