Thursday, April 4, 2013


There comes a time in every person's life when they decide to cut their hair short.

Lolz, I'm jk, I had short hair last summer, I decided on this haircut some time last year in July or something, w/e. But hey, I got one of my dream hair colors today! Well yesterday, according to the time of this post being typed up. My friend called me a powderpuff when he saw a picture of me with my new hair, and I find it so rad and magical and appropriate. Powderpuff. Has a nice ring to it.

I've always wanted gray hair. And mint green. And powder blue. And lavender. And cotton candy pink. Pastels, obviously. BASICALLY, ALL THE HAIR COLORS I'VE ALWAYS WANTED REQUIRED SEVERE BLEACHING. But heeeyyy I went for it anyway. The bleaching process took so long (apparently they were trying to get rid of the red pigments in my hair from my previous dye job), and at first I didn't even realize my hair was being bleached. All I knew was that my hair was getting colored to an ash blonde, and I thought the dye that was being placed in would be the color itself without any bleaching (so naive right), but then I wondered why the dye didn't reach up to my very roots. Later on I felt an itch on my scalp (I suppose the bleach was leaking) and then the hairstylist added on more dye, this time to the roots itself. And then my entire scalp began to burn, and that was when I realized my hair was actually being bleached. (Also because I noticed that my hair turned blonde. Duh Ina, duh.)

That wasn't the worst of it though. When they placed the ash dye after bleaching was when my scalp REALLY began to burn. So much that after a few minutes I was getting sleepy because my scalp was numbing and the burning sensation was beginning to feel like a cooling sensation LOL Totes worth it because happiness. They also placed some black dye near my roots or some other layers and it felt like heaven because the cool dye was such a relief after all the burning. My scalp's still a little sore after these hair escapades.

Back and side view! In a nutshell, my haircut is a bowl cut with an undercut. There is a wonderful satisfaction from chopping off so much hair after having to deal with a thick mane for several months. Also, my hair color seems to register as gray in photos. In real life it comes off greenish, sometimes near-white under some lightning, and other times I don't even know.

I have no intention of maintaining this hair color or cut, mostly because doing so will be such a pain, literally and figuratively. I think it'll be fun to see how this color fades (my blue hair faded nicely into blonde) and how the cut grows out, and that way I get to experience several colors and cuts along the way. My deader than dead hair needs to recuperate as well anyway.

This is the shortest I've ever cut my hair since I was a kid -- shorter than when I hacked off my long hair last summer -- and I find it slightly ironic that I choose to cut my hair so short when I'm not even at my slimmest. (I gained approximately 10+ pounds last year and haven't been able to shake it off. #THESISIT stress eating, curse you.) I already have a vague idea for my next haircut (by vague, I mean a 0.01% semblance of an idea), and now that I've gone to the dark side (loljk, more like light side) of bleaching, I might end up dyeing my hair into another dream shade!

Anyway, I just got back from an out-of-town trip the other day, and I haven't found any time to sit down and go through my computer. I seem to go out a lot whenever my mom's in town; in fact we'll be out again later, and it'll most likely stretch on into the night again. I think I've been out of the house everyday since she got back, and that was on the 22nd of March. The 'clickety-clack' that I hear from my laptop when I type sounds so foreign to me now, and I'm having a hard time getting back into the groove of the worldwideweb. I haven't touched my laptop in almost a week until today, and going through so much backlog is a little... menacing. How people can maintain a fluid amount of posts on their blog on an almost daily basis, I'll never know.

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