Saturday, December 8, 2012


LOOK GUYS I'VE GOT SOME BLUE IN MY HAIR! I went to the salon with my mom today; originally I was going for some dip dye, originally I was going for green. In the end what I got was a turquoise shade on the inside layers of my hair and I couldn't be happier.

(I promise my hair isn't actually that red in real life.) My hair's also back to red again because my roots were showing from my last dye job, and the color turned out pretty well. Better than the first time, actually. I think it's because my hair had lightened from the last dye job so the red was able to latch on better this time 'round.

I also got my bangs trimmed today and they're reeeaaally short. Even shorter than in the picture above since I was pushing my bangs down in that photo. Extremely short but that's what I totes wanted. I remember back in high school I always thought short bangs were so awkward and weird; back then my fringe was always long and oftentimes reached my eyelids. Come college I usually have my fringe above my brows, something my younger self would never have done. Wow am I growing up lol no.

ANYWAY LOOK AT THE BLUE ISN'T IT SO PRETTY (not my lips they look pretty... PRETTY DOUCHEY) As I mentioned before I was going for a greener color, but I was really happy with this end result regardless. The salon bleached an inch away from my roots so it didn't hurt at all and it was SO interesting seeing myself as a half-blonde for a few minutes.

I've been coloring my hair for years but this is the first time I've gotten anything this drastic, and the only reason I've withheld from doing so is school restrictions. 'Wild' hair just wasn't allowed in my old school, and my university just won't have it either. It's very frustrating having to restrict my ~*~creativity~*~ like that all the time, but whenever I do take the plunge I always make sure it's something that can still be hidden on campus. (Like that one time I had an undercut, I could still easily hide it so long as I kept my hair down.) Hiding this is still pretty do-able... or at least I hope so HAHA /shot

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