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The Great Hair Story (Part 1 of 2): 2006 - 2011

Here's a fun fact: my high school yearbook write-up was about my hair. Tintin, who authored said write-up (we were given the choice to write our own or have a partner and write for each other), asked if I wanted my write-up to be about my photography or my hair. I figured I already had a rep (if any) for photography (because of all my extracurriculars), so I went with hair. And so it was done.

This post was going to happen eventually, you know. I've always wanted to make a hair timeline blog post, ever since my early LJ days, though I'm not sure why I never did until now. Holding out on this post for so long also meant a much longer timeline, so I'm splitting this into two parts because one post alone would be too long (read: too many pictures.)

Everything under the cut because WOAH WAY TOO MUCH OF MY FACE! Please note that this is a goldmine of oldschool!Ina pictures. Just a heads up.

Photo by Roselyn!

Starting with 2006, because I remember starting most of my hair escapades during my high school sophomore year. (I would've started with my nasty freshman year stage, but I couldn't find any pictures that could properly depict my hair at the time without so many people in the picture with me.) For this haircut I remember asking for prominent layers in my hair, and a proper fringe.

Photo by Roselyn!

August of that year I got my first mullet-esque haircut. I had my hair bob-like and thicker on top, then had it thinned out towards the bottom. No I do not actually know how to play the guitar. Or any other instrument for that matter.

Photo by Janelle!

Later on I started clipping the longer, thinner layers at the back of my head, and unintentionally fooled a lot of people into thinking I cut my hair short. At the time, several people commented that the length suited me, however I wasn't ready to commit to short hair back then.

Photo by Janelle!

And then that just grew out entirely. Also, I had a pretty long fringe that school year. I remember people asking if I could even see with all that hair in my face. Of course I could. I could also face down and secretly glance upwards at some people without them noticing because my bangs would conceal my eyes. Hehehehe.

Early summer of 2007, I asked for longer, thinner layers on the bottom, and really short but thicker layers on top. I also got chicken pox for the first time that summer. It was horribru.

I don't remember who took this picture. Probably one of my old classmates.
I remember really hating this cut because the lady who cut it just didn't seem to get what I wanted. I even brought in a peg for her to see, but I remember wanting to cry when I left the salon, even after a senior hairdresser tried fixing it. There were times when that haircut made me look like a tranny. It was essentially a very David Bowie hairstyle. Since then, I switched hairdressers to the very senior who tried remedying the situation, and he has been my hairdresser to this day.

Despite the disaster, my hair grew out nicely into the very hairstyle I wanted in the first place. Totes enjoyed this hairstyle, and it was definitely one of my favorites. (I was so MySpace. My hair peg was some chick from MS. No joke.)

In time my short layers grew out again.

Photo by Iya!

Towards the end of 2007, I got another mullet-esque cut. It was very round and mushroom-y on top. I also got red highlights back then, and surprisingly I wasn't reprimanded in school for it. (Was it that subtle?) By early 2008 the red had already faded into brown.

Summer of 2008 my hair got really orange-y brown.

I began running out of stuff to do with my hair, and because of the uneven layers, my ponytails would always look like this.

Then my hair just got browner.

That same summer I cut my hair again, and the top layers were almost pixie-esque. Since it was still kinda mullet, I could clip the longer layers at the back for pseudo-short hair.

I still didn't have the guts to get legitimate short hair though, because I didn't think it was something I could pull off, especially with my weight.

That hairstyle was another favorite though, because I could do fun stuff like this! I remember getting told off by a faculty member for it, because... I dunno, it was classified as a 'weird hairstyle' I guess, and that kinda thang wasn't permitted at my school. I even remember being reprimanded by our school principal, once. She said something along the lines of, "Fix/do something about your hair." Not that she could ever remember who I was in a sea of 348976349 other students to follow up on my hair anyway.

Late 2008 I got what my friends and I call my 'staircase hair.' The cut of my fringe looked like a staircase, and the top layers were omg so cool like they were blunt cut layers and made me look like I got my head caught in a lawnmower or something but it was so much fun. The only problem I had with this, from what I remember, was that it made my hair lose a lot of volume. It looked really nice with some product, but I wasn't about to use hair wax or whatnot everyday.

Staircase hair eventually grew out into emo boy fringe territories by the time 2009 rolled in.

Idk who took this picture!

Having all those layers grow out was fun though, since they were all different lengths. (This picture was also taken on my very last day as a high schooler. Wow.)

I am pretty sure I got a haircut this day, but I'm not sure if the memory in my head corresponds to this photo, so let's just say I got a haircut when this was taken (March-April of 2009.)

I got another haircut before college started, and it looked like this. I don't remember what the concept behind it was.

I know a blockmate took this picture, but I don't know who!

By the end of 2009 it looked like this.

Before the year ended I cut it again. It was pretty similar to what it was before, but prolly not as short as the pre-college haircut.

Photo by Janelle!

Summer of 2010 I got a mullet again, however this time I wanted the long layers to go uneven.

Growing out the top layers resulted in a very, very long awkward phase for my hair, as it grew way too slow. I started curling my hair a lot during that long awkward phase.

A year after the cut, my hair grew very long and very brown.

Photo by one of my cousins!

I began tying my hair in a bun a lot.

Photo by Janelle (?)

Tying it up in a bun gave me nice, fluffy curls/waves.

Photo by one of my cousins!

I then started doing the fake bob, once again unintentionally fooling people into thinking I cut my hair short.

And then I went black, because I was so sick of brown hair after years of having it.

Black hair was all part of the grand picture, because by summer of 2011, this happened! The overall length was untouched (maybe it was trimmed, I don't remember) but ta-dah! I shaved a side of my hair! This became another favorite hairstyle in the long run.

Photo by Aaron!

This is what it looked like from the back. It was something I could easily hide in case it was a problem with the higher-ups at school, since I wasn't sure if it was something I could get away with (despite being in the art school of my university lels.)

Then I decided to grow out my undercut after a few months, in preparation for my future haircut (which may or may not have already been decided on.)

And that is the first half of my hair escapades post! What happened after I grew out my undercut? Tune in to find out even if you prolly already know what happened.


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  2. I've always loved your hair since first year high school (2006). Did Tina ever tell you that I was so afraid to meet/approach you because you're such a ~superstar~ aka my idol? WAHAHAHA

    1. IYA FACK HAHAHAHA SUPERSTAR KA DIYAN =))))) But thank you for your comment omg oh u