Monday, September 3, 2012

Let's Play Chinese Garter

Another outfit post -- this time with a Miso cameo! This is what I wore earlier today -- well, yesterday, since it's already midnight -- for mass and dinner with Papa. I was another one of those lazy days where I pull out a dress to wear because I'm too lazy to produce a better outfit, and even lazier to document it properly. GIFs make everything better.

Thrifted dress, Market! Market! tiangge shoes

Magical shoes are magical.

Forever 21 earrings, Oxygen ring
... and a random beaded bracelet I found lying in my room.

Besides the fact that this is a long dress (and we all know my permanent love affair with long hemlines), what also caught my attention was its collar detail and how reminiscent it is to that of Chinese garments.

On that note, I've always sucked at Chinese garter. I could only do level 1, struggle with level 2, and nothing at level 3 and beyond.

And a two thumbs up for newly dyed hair! My roots have been showing like a pregnant lady on her 7th month and I finally got to re-dye them today. Also, LOOK AT THAT HAIR LENGTH. My hair has been growing at a steady pace ever since I cut it in April. Pleased Ina is pleased... because DAEYM my hair took forever to grow when it was all layered. But I regret nothing. Layered hair will always be my favorite and my comfort zone.

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