Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Morning Mourning

Well, well, well. Look who hasn't blogged over here in exactly a month! Meh, I've just been pretty lazy and... stuff. Anyway! I have an outfit to share! It was an outfit I wore the day after this one.

Thrifted dress and shoes

It was a really bad morning for me. So I was in the shower right? And then I suddenly remembered something that involved Terry (who has a shiny new -- okay, not so new as of this post, but wtvr -- blog!), so I thought of texting her the moment I was done with my bath. So I dig through the bag I used the previous night for my phone, right?

BUT I COULDN'T FIND IT. OMG OMG OMG. The first thing that came to mind was: "ASFHASK I LEFT IT AT THE BAR LAST NIGHT!!!" So then I start freaking out. And in my panic I just started crying. Because I am a crybaby. And a hormonal wreck. And this had never happened to me. Still in my towel, I grab my dad's phone and call my number. It was ringing, so at least I knew it wasn't stolen. So then I calm myself down and tell Papa, who took it in a stride and thought maybe I just dropped my phone in Terry's car.

... which, you know, made sense, but that possibility didn't cross my mind as I was hellbent on my guess that my phone was probably at the bar. So we try calling the bar (this was around 9-10ish in the morning, by the way) but the line's 99% dead, or it goes to fax. So I email the bar instead.

My dad and I were going to meet my godfather for lunch and other errands. I was way too stressed out to make a coherent outfit so I just grabbed this dress and used the same shoes from the previous night's outfit. It was fitting, in a way, because the dress was black and I was mourning over the very possible loss of my phone SOBSOBSOB.

So anyway, there we were at Greenhills, doing errands right? I ask my cousin Krista if she had Terry's number, but the one she had was outdated. Then I plead for her to ask Maronne. While waiting for her reply I suddenly thought of calling up Jam's house and ask Jam for Terry's number. THANK GOD I'VE ALWAYS MEMORIZED JAM'S LANDLINE FOR SOME REASON RIGHT? 'Cause I got ahold of Jam and Terry's number and even Terry's mom's number, just in case.

So I panic-text Terry. Then, getting antsy after a few minutes of no replying, I text her mom. Then I was still stressing out, I called both of them. By then the whole ordeal was giving me a really bad headache.

Fast forward to lunch time, and I check my dad's phone for any updates from the Domondons. Two missed calls from Mama Domondon and a text from Terry. So I call up Terry, but no answer. I call her mom, no answer. I continue to try calling her mom until she finally, FINALLY picked up. So I tell her about my dilemma and ask about my phone. Terry at the time was washing the car so the timing was somewhat convenient.

"Sorry your phone's not here, it's already in the pawnshop," was what I got. "Ah it is? Okay..." was my reply. My heart sank, but at the mention of 'pawnshop' I was like WAIT WAITAMINIT DOES THAT MEAN-- "Haha no no it's here!"


But hey, my outfit wasn't THAT depressing. I mean, it had sparkles and all, so that should count for something, right? EDWARD CULLEN Y'ALL.

H&M earrings

And some rad spike earrings! From H&M! I am legit now! loljk

When my dad suggested the possibility that maybe I dropped my phone in Terry's car, I stopped and thought, "Hmm, I kind of do remember dropping my bag or something while I was at the backseat with Kevin. Hmm..." and then I immediately felt embarrassed and regretted emailing the bar, but whatever better safe that sorry. MY PANIC-INDUCED ACTIONS, FEEL THEM.

In fairnezz, the bar replied to my email! Except I had to reply telling them I "found my phone in my friend's car". Omg I'm sorry. The one who replied said it was all good and that their staff's really honest and that they hope I'd still come back next time! Which I said I would -- and I honestly did, because when we were there I told Terry and co. that we should go back there the next time we decide on Eastwood drinking, because... only because they serve a bucket of Tanduay Ice and I don't like beer HAHAHA. We went to Gitara Grill, for the record! PLUGGING BECAUSE I VERY MUCH APPRECIATE PEOPLE WHO REPLY TO INQUIRIES, OKAY. Tnx Gitara Grill luv u

MAN that ordeal was tiring to even recall. What a way to end the weekend, but what a way to start the week that followed.

Moral of the story: always remember Terry's number. YEAH UHUH


  1. I don't know if I want to panic or giggle at this post - kasi nakakastress :-))

    And YAY I missed your blog!

    1. You can do both. I find my stress funny LOL MY BLOG MISSED YOU TOO HANNY