Monday, September 3, 2012

Gifts From the Fairy Godmother of Hong Kong (and The Wallet)

I mentioned in this post that a relative from Hong Kong recently stopped by for a visit with magical gifts! Here I share more of those gifts because I'm a greedy brat who hoards for a living.

A really awesome bright orange lippy! I've tried it on my lips and gosh does it look pretty.

Sparkly eyeshadow! I know there's a local brand (maybe it's Fashion 21? Nichido? Ever Bilena?) with the exact same packaging as this one. I tried one before but it was so messy for some reason. This one didn't spill over or anything though.

The color payoff's okay, but still build-able. I figure it might look pretty for the inner corners or maybe as a top sheen to the center of the lids.

My fairy godmother also gifted me with some Rilakkuma goodies! AAAHHHHH.

Some H&M stuff that have made an appearance here and here. Some of the studs are missing 'cause I'm already wearing them. Also, those gold hoops are secretly heavy.

One Friday night I had to study for a Math exam and a Psych report for the next day. The fact that I had to study for a MATH EXAM that was to take place on a SATURDAY MORNING drove me nuts -- so nuts that I ended up drinking coffee (!) from my camera lens.

Obviously joking. Fairy godmother also gots me a lens tumbler! (Fact: I initially spelled 'tumbler' as 'tumblr' omg.) And yeah you read right, I drank coffee. COFFEE. Okay it was some vanilla latte type, and I mixed in a lot of milk, but it was legit coffee (or the most legit that I can get). I had never been able to finish a cup of any type of coffee (save for one that was... chocolate-coffee or something that tasted more chocolate than coffee) but I managed to chug down all of this to keep me going until about 5am. Since I had never had a cup of 'real' coffee I don't really know what to say about this vanilla one, and I couldn't tell if my best friend Bacchus did a better job at keeping me awake or not. Since I have this coffee on hand, it'll have to do for now.

Here's something I got with my own moola. Alice Madness Returns is a direct sequel to the PC game American McGee's Alice. Madness Returns was actually the game that made me want a PS3 in the first place; prior to that I just thought the PS3 had some really swanky graphics. Ironically, the first game I bought was Final Fantasy XIII, mostly out of the influence of my cousin and the fact that it was cheaper. (My emotional attachment to the game is proof that I do not regret that decision at all.)  When I saw that MR's price dropped a notch, I started considering buying it. Then the next time I saw it, it dropped another hundred or two pesos more. I figured it was a sign so I bought it.

I DUNNO WHY I DID THOUGH LOL 'cause I mean, it's not like I've the time to play much. Plus, I've seen so much gameplay on YouTube that it already feels like I've played it for myself. Add to the fact that watching a rather creepy game versus actually playing the game is still different. So... okay, I had some mild regrets with the purchase, mostly because of #THESISIT reasons ("The money could've been used for #THESISHIT!") but... I figured better get it now before it disappears. MR is SUCH a beautiful game, too. I got ahold of the art book and my eyes bled in the pretty.

I remember seeing the original American McGee Alice game for the PC as a kid. I remember it interested me but I knew I'd never be able to play it because it was scary and I've always been a wuss HAHA. As a kid I always liked looking at videotape/dvd/video game packages and reading about it, even if I knew I'd never watch/play it. Apparently I was a masochist even as a kid, and I took that with me until now -- I LOVE watching people play scary video games, but I can never manage to play them. Except Fatal Frame. However, I've steered clear of any scary movies ever since The Ring came out and the whole Asian horror flick scene blew up because after seeing that film, I found that I became overtly paranoid for the next two weeks or so whenever I see a scary flick. My mind is an overdrive monster.

Seriously though. I love watching people play creepy video games. I don't know why. One summer during high school was spent watching Resident Evil 4 speed plays and I was just screaming at my computer screen, alone in my room. It's an unhealthy obsession and I love it.

A bunch of back issues that I've accumulated in the last two weeks. I remember freaking out when that Shirley Manson Nylon ish came out so I freaked out even more when I found a back issue. The Lily Collins one was cheaper but omg I think this chick is adorable and I secretly wanted to see Mirror, Mirror.

I've also been really lucky with my Electronic Gaming Monthly finds. I have found not one, but THREE EGM issues in two weeks! AND ALL BACK ISSUES SO THEY'RE DIRT CHEAP. Remember when I freaked out when I picked up an EGM back issue copy in this post and how I mention how I used to have so many gaming magazines a few years ago? Omg I miss those days. Gaming magazines give me SO. MUCH. HAPPINESS. I've not even a hardcore gamer; I'm just... a casual gamer? A selective gamer? A wuss gamer? Oh wait, I've got it. I'm a...


HAHAHAHAHAHA it sounds so fitting. I love video games but I suck at so many of them (case in point: TEKKEN) so lamer gamer is perfect. But seriously man, gaming magazines make me so happy. EGM especially because I'm so familiar with it. I wish I could find a back issue of GameNow one of these days. And I've seriously got to unearth all my old issues from way back when. I thought they all went missing but I found out they've just been residing at our old house, thank goodness.

Lamer Gamer. Omg. I can't get over the perfection of this spontaneous term. I'm a lamer gamer and I'm proud of it HAHAHAHAHA.

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