Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Caleruega Round Two

Last week I went on another magical retreat (my second one this year), this time as a senior! Initially I wasn't too keen on going, mostly because it wasn't with my old block, and having said that, the retreat felt like it came much too early for something that was to be shared with my new block a.k.a. a bunch of people I'm not really close to. That, and it was for three days. Junior year retreat was just overnight, so we were all thinking, 'Why have a three-day retreat with these new people and not with the old blockmates instead?'

On some degree I think I was wrong. After the retreat I gained a newfound appreciation for my new block, and found that maybe there was a reason as to why this retreat came early. I'd like to think the retreat brought us together in some way. Granted, they will never be able to replace my old block, and I'll alwaysalwaysalways prefer my old block (blatant favoritism, wazzap), but now I've just really appreciated them more.

The first few weeks of senior year were hard. For the first two I'd remember always tearing up when I'd see a big number of my old blockmates. That's not the case anymore, but I'll always miss my old block. It's also been hard because in my current block, I've only got one old blockmate, and we aren't even close. You can tell I took our de-blocking very hard.

I thought I was probably going to keep to myself and my old blockmates from other sections during the retreat (instead of sitting with my current blockmates) -- okay, we actually did keep to ourselves, BUT ONLY BECAUSE WE NEVER SEE EACH OTHER ANYMORE. Whenever there'd be group activities that would force us with our current blocks, I'd get significantly bummed, but afterwards I'd be all up and chipper because the activities gave me a better understanding of my block.

I'd like to believe that there was a reason why the retreat was placed early. (Secretly, there probably wasn't a reason and the office was prolly just trying to fit our scheds, but wtvr let's try and put some dramu into this post.) It was fun, this retreat. At least it was for me.

And the palancas! Ohmyglob thanks so much to everyone who spared some time to make me a little something! It was so touching and inspiring. I never even knew my favorite people saw me in that kind of light, really. I'm glad some were really honest with me too; I've come up with a resolution to be less... less of a friendly-bully and more of a friendly-friend LOL. Apparently I'm more sarcastic than I'm aware I am and more frank than I think I am. Wow. I'm having a hard time trying to be significantly nicer though, because the line between what people might consider 'bully' and what I know to be 'sarcasm' is pretty blurred.

Anyway, I didn't take much pictures, mostly because I did a lot of that back in March during my junior retreat. This time I opted for a vlog instead! (Which mostly depicts my time with my old blockmates, than anything, but wtvr.)

I miss Caleruega. I miss AD2 even more.

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