Sunday, September 16, 2012

The Neutral Challenge

A couple of nights ago I was texting Terry about this beauty blogger whom I think is adorbs but I'm kinda put off by the fact that she's not daring at all. She doesn't welcome colors when it comes to makeup and instead stays in the safe zone with neutrals. So Terry challenged me to create a neutral makeup look, especially since I'm Colorful-chan HAHA. Naturally, I was all CHALLENGE ACCEPTED.

Last night I asked Terry if the neutral look had to include the lips, and she said yes, so I obliged. YOU ASK FOR NEUTRAL, I'LL GIVE YOU NEUTRAL.

I'LL GIVE YOU BLACK LIPS, THAT'S WHAT. HAHAHAHAHA in my defense, blacks and whites are considered 'neutrals'. One of my professors even said black and white aren't colors, they're... shades? Tints? LOLJK IDK WHAT HE SAID I ONLY REMEMBER HIM SAYING THEY AREN'T COLORS

I really wanted to incorporate black lips into this look because it went so well with my OOTD, and I didn't want to blog about creating a makeup look and not actually wearing it out. (For the record, I went out with my Lady Rainicorn look on -- my dad asked me if I wanted to go to Eastwood out of the blue immediately after photographing myself that day, lol.) Also, it added that extra UNF to an otherwise completely neutral look. Well, completely neutral looks aren't bad; in fact I've done them before. The black lips just added more attitude to my outfit!

So for the eyes I placed a brown eyeshadow a few shades darker than my skin tone all over the eyelid, then a shimmery cream color in the center. Then I used a brown-taupe color into the crease for better blending and transition, then a deeper brown in the outer-V for more depth. Then I placed some brown eyeliner as close as possible to the lashline (except I kindov overlapped haha oh well) and set that with the same deep brown I used in the outer-V. Same brown-pencil-with-shadow on about a third of the lower lashline. Added some gold shimmery eyeliner topped with shadow for some extra ~*~sparkle~*~ Then some mascara to finish it off!

For my cheeks I wore a mauve-y blush mixed with a peach-ish shade, but you can't really tell in the photos. If you did, then I must've worn way too much in real life LOL. Then some black lips, as you can see.

Haha, that was fun. BRING IT ON, TERRY. =))