Friday, September 21, 2012

Remember when

I don't know what drove me to do it (then again, I've always been a sentimental sap, and these episodes happen rather frequently), but I ended up going through my old blog posts, specifically the ones in my LJ. I've honestly noticed this for a while, actually: I feel like ever since moving to Blogspot, my posts have been less spontaneous and candid. Well, okay, I guess 'growing up' plays a role in this change, but seriously! My latter posts on LJ weren't as candid, but they seemed more personal.

idk maybe it's just me and I have a quiz for Psych tomorrow and I still haven't studied because I'm always like this on Friday nights whenever I have a quiz on Saturday kamon Ina

Whatever. I've already 'let loose' via my previous post AND IT'S GONNA GET LOOSER FROM NOW ON. that's what she said

Aww but really, I miss that old self of mine. I've concluded that college made me really stressed out and emotional (my old posts say so), but it was towards the newer LJ posts did my blogging begin to become kind of... scripted? Still kind of personal, but less than what it used to be before. At least that's what it felt like to me, and I'm someone who treats blogging as public diary-writing, not commercial profiting.

I'm not gonna force myself to go back to that (because that would be... posing...), but I AM gonna try being less, what, stiff (?) when it comes to blogging because I miss that more carefree, albeit younger and reckless and--

Dear Ina, for all you know, this 'change' could all be internal and nobody actually noticed it. Get out. I said GIT!

Also, my old image host hasn't been attended to by its owner/s, apparently, and all my photos from October 2009 and back are now missing. Good thing I only started using it June 2009, so that window doesn't have much, although now I'm afraid that sooner or later all my blog photos will disappear AND THAT'S THREE YEARS WORTH OF PHOTOS DISAPPEARING ON MY BLOGS. Not cool.

And just because I'm no longer used to blogging without any visuals, here is a photo of myself on the stairs. Taken during the habagat when I was a temporary orphan and lived in my sweater.

It is also worth noting that I had pancakes for merienda that day.

They were delish.


  1. If it helps, I feel the exact same way - I hope they don't see this, pero the only reason I've been holding back with the blogging thing is because of the parentals reading it na. And I've been thinking about a private blog, pero syadong hassle kaya nakakasad lang :-/

    1. Oh man it's not just me then!!! If it makes YOU feel any better, I haven't noticed any change in your blogging self, save for your lack of updates. Kaya pala! Shokotei naman, but remember your ~*~secret blog~*~? AHAHAHA

      Pero oonga, medj hassle private blog. What if you had a post you wanted some people to see kaso private naman blog mo? Pfft.

      Well you could always make a private Tumblr then give out the password to whoever wants to read, BUT I LIKE YOU BEING ON BLOGSPOT LOL tsaka kakalipat mo lang sa BS. And I like you on BS. But I miss your updates. But I like you here K I'M SO HELPFUL RIGHT

    2. Lol. Basta mahal kita ahahahaha