Tuesday, March 27, 2012

I'm gonna lay in my bed, I'm rolling aside

WOO SUMMER VACAY!!! Haven't blogged in a while (if anything, I've made a couple of posts here) because I was drowning in schoolwork, but now I'm (temporarily) free! While I've nothing really to blog about (well I did go on a retreat with the blockmates, and then there's that UPD adventure, oh and I watched Bare too...), all I've really got to share are a few acquisitions from the past couple of weeks.

YES MAKE-UP AGAIN NYAHAHAHA. Glitter liner + dark(ish?) lippie! The first ever Shawill product my mom and I got was this super duper sparkly lipgloss. It was so sparkly. *-*

I am such a girl. Ahahahaha...

YOU GUYS. I FINALLY HAVE PARASITE EVE. OMG OMG OMG. I took the easy route and just asked Fully Booked to reserve me a copy once they had stocks of the book, unlike my intense struggle for Battle Royale (but hey, that just shows my dedication for the book LOLJK)

Okay so here's the story: I actually saw a copy of PE last year, but didn't buy it because I was being extra stingy again. Later on I decided I really wanted the book but then wherever I went, it was out of stock. The situation frustratingly reminded me of my Battle Royale dilemma, so I decided to have a copy reserved instead of testing my own patience again.

(Edit: Also, when I went to Fully Booked that day, they had so many copies of Battle Royale, it pissed me off. My cousin and I think it's a marketing strategy 'cause the Hunger Games movie is out and since there's been comparisons between the two books... yeah. /conspiracy theories BUT I AM SO BITTER. I search high and low for BR and now people can just pick it up easily! Bitterbitterbitter...)

As for the Norwegian Wood, it's actually just a replacement copy from my cousin. I lent her my own copy over a year ago but one of her dogs chewed at one of the corners, thereby damaging it. She only got to getting me a copy last weekend when we were both at Fully Booked, but it was more of an issue of getting the same book cover as my original one (didn't matter to me but wtvr). Norwegian Wood was my first ever Murakami book! 8D


I got my late grandma's old film camera. She used this camera way up until last year, when she was still kinda okay. Looking forward to documenting more memories with this. RIP Nana.

You guys. I love gaming magazines okay. Electronic Gaming Monthly and GameNow especially. I have a whole collection of gaming magazines from high school. For some reason I stopped seeing any copies of EGM or GameNow in the last couple of years, so I was really happy when I came across this copy! It felt kind of surreal flipping through those pages after so many years -- EGM has gone a long way!

K a lot of my posts are just stuff I've acquired. -__- THIS BLOG, HAS IT NO SUBSTANCE? The material girl tag doesn't help one bit OH WELL THINGS WILL TURN UP hopefully...

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