Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Collab: Lady Rainicorn Make-up Look

About a week ago my friend Camille and I wanted to do a collaboration. Normally an art collab would suffice, but I didn't really wanna tarnish anything Camille made with what I could do (and I've been on a kind of hiatus from personal drawings because of school), I suggested we do a character-inspired look/make-up collaboration instead!

As for the theme, we went from Disney to Gorillaz to Hansel and Gretel until we finally settled on Adventure Time! I'll keep mum about which character Camille will be doing (I'll be sure to post a link once her look's up!), but I chose Lady Rainicorn! Mostly because I didn't wanna use a character that only showed up in just one episode, and becaaauuuse I'm always up for anything colorful!

So, taking cues from Lady, here's my look:

Ta-daaaa! So there's light pink on the lids for Lady's body, yellow on the crease and a paler yellow on the brow bone as her hair, and rainbow on the lower lashline as... the rest of her body. Some very subtle shimmer on the inner corner and white eyeliner on the lower waterline for her horn, and a thin line of black liquid eyeliner for the black eyes she's got! Oh and a light pink shimmering blush plus pale pink on the lips, too.

I didn't really wanna blend the pink and yellow much because I wanted a sort of crease-cut look. Blink.

Crazy ~*~wind effect~*~ to mimic the way Lady's hair waves about. HOHOHO!

This was so much fun to do so I hope I did the look justice! If not... then... well. K... HAHA! I can't wait to see Camille's part of the collab and I totally hope we'll have more in the future, make-up or otherwise.

Here is a picture of my unicorn horn showing LOL. This was my first ever make-up collaboration with anybody and I hope it won't be the last!

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  1. this is excellent!

    I am putting together a Lady Rainicorn costume for Halloween and I think I will have to borrow your makeup ideas to finish the look.

    Great work! the pictures are adorable!