Tuesday, October 2, 2012


Last weekend was my final gig for Mary Moon Productions. I'll blog more on that on a separate post, but what was notable about last Friday was that I got to go to SaGuijo for the first time ever! I've heard of that bar since I started going to gigs, and that was back in high school. Also notable was the fact that I had 3 bottles of beer -- and everyone knows I hate beer. I don't know why but Red Horse actually tasted good!

Before leaving for the event I had some wine, then during the gig I had some bottles of Red Horse, then when I got home I drank just a bit more with my family... and this was all until 5 in the morning. I had a 10am class the next day, and for that I usually get up at 7.30. One time last year I had a lot of wine and had a 1pm class the next day, and I felt really iffy and sickly that time. After that I swore never to drink on a school night again.

... WELP, THAT OBVIOUSLY DIDN'T HAPPEN. When I woke up the morning after the gig, I was hit with a BLAM of pain in my head, arms and legs. I thought to myself, "HOW DAFUQ AM I GOING TO GET UP OW OW OW" HAHAHA. And I was nauseous too. Then I forced myself to puke just to get the nausea out of my system. I came quite close to just skipping school altogether because I figured I could afford to miss that Math quiz because my prelims grade was pretty good. And it was a Saturday; Saturday classes are the bane of my existence, okay.

But, I persevered and went to school anyway, because I am the most attendance-conscious person ever. No really. I always make it a point to come to class on time and as much as possible never skip and keep a perfect attendance record because I believe that my attendance and class standing have the power to pull up my grades, even if it's just a minuscule amount. Hi, I'm a college senior and I've only cut once in my life, and it was for a contest at that. In that post I said that you may call me a legit college kid for finally cutting class, but I'm even more legitimate now because I went to school with a hangover.

A HANGOVER. I've only ever had one hangover in my life, and it was during the summer before college when I attended a party before a cosplay shoot. There is a mention of that in this post but I never really made a detailed account of that time in my life. Whatever. In that first hangover ever my head didn't hurt at all but I was nauseous for pretty much the entire day and my appetite went back to normal come evening.

Oho but this hangover seemed like the real thing where you wake up feeling like your head was smashed against a wall a bajillion times. But maybe part of this 'hangover' was also caused by fatigue? I MEAN I ONLY GOT AROUND 2 HOURS OF SLEEP WITH LOTSA ALCOHOL IN MY SYSTEM, RIGHT? I've been told that Red Horse has quite the kick (hence the name), but hot daeym it tasted pretty good. Then again the only other beer brands I've had were San Mig Light and Hoegaarden, so I can't deduce much. I was slushnmush, man. SLUSHNMUSH.

Anyway, here's a photo of Maronne and I from that aforementioned gig:

HOW I MANAGED TO GET THROUGH THE ENTIRE DAY WITH A HANGOVER, I'LL NEVER KNOW. I should get a Model Student 2012 award for making it to class on time and making it through the day without skipping, all while nursing a hangover.

Then again that award would be revoked immediately for having a hangover on a school day in the first place.

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