Thursday, January 2, 2014

Over the Shoulder

I am probably doomed to be in permanent blogging backlog since my first post for 2014 is an old outfit that isn't even from December, it's from November. SUCH IS MY LIFE

H&M blazer, Topshop top, Human Black skirt

Oh well. So how was your New Year's? I spent mine on the toilet, removing my food and drink intake both up and down because of an upset stomach, and my first day of 2014 was mostly spent in bed nursing a migraine that I woke up with. Holla 2014 yo.

Rebel Gear ring

Vintage/Forever 21 necklaces

I wanted to get some backlog outta the way first because of my Annual Post of Sap a.k.a. my year-ender recap, and I can't do that without posting my November-December monthly recaps. So. Priorities. Looking back, I apparently made my 2012 recap post in February 2013. Maybe we should make bets on how late I'll be with my 2013 recap this time.

Loveis shoes

My shoes have whiskas your argument is invalid.

B+AB tissue box holder

Yeah that's right. My purse is a tissue box holder. You only wish you were as cool as me.

My cousin asked me some time ago what I thought about this kindov look where you wear your blazer over your shoulders. I said, "I like how it looks, and I've always wanted to try it, but... it looks kinda hassling with the restraining movement and all. I'd prolly try it at some dinner event or something...?" In the end I tried it out in the mall. Final verdict: movement isn't really all that restraining, from what I remember, though I think I did have to fix my blazer's positioning every now and then.

Oh oh casually takes this intarwebz space to pimp out a newly-launched local business: check out Noun PH on Facebook and Instagram! They're pretty new so they need all the love they can get, what with the new year and all. I like how they market their pieces like a dictionary, giving descriptions to the names of the pieces. (Welp, they're called Noun for a reason.) I don't normally make online purchases (I can probably count with my fingers just how many times I've bought something from the internet -- excluding anything K-pop because usually I tag along with a friend who's ordering) because I AM JUST NOT MADE FOR ONLINE SHOPPING BECAUSE OF MY PARANOIA so I can't really attest to any of Noun's services or wtvr, seeing as I've never bought anything from them, but I'm plugging this for a friend because I'm tryna be a better person this 2014.

Just kidding on that last part. That just makes me look like I'm doing a ~*~good deed~*~ to make me feel better about myself, and we all know I'm secretly just part of the derp squad on the inTErnEts.

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