Thursday, June 12, 2014

Some outfit thing with flowers.

In lieu of my recent Gloomsville posts, I have decided to publish this bright, cheery, colorful, totes-way-opposite-of-how-I've-been-feeling-lately outfit from last month, because we all need some obnoxious saturation amidst rainclouds in our lives.

(But, let's face it, I prolly only felt like posting this because I was recently semi-submerged in the ~*~blogging~*~ scene again. It was for ~*~work~*~ I promise!!!)

I took an unofficial (?!? wat) hiatus from outfit blogging in the past few months because I seriously could not be bothered to document my outfits. That's really it. Besides ~*~real life~*~ making me lazy to even produce a proper outfit, the heat the past two months was HORRIBRU and I wasn't up to subjecting myself to becoming a molten puddle of sweat just to take pictures (or videos) of myself. Documentation of this outfit was even done by my dad (thanks Papa!). What'd I tell you about C A N N O T B E B O T H E R E D

Mich Dulce x Bench headband | Vintage top | Jellybean dress | from Hong Kong shoes
What is up with all the peace signs though. Spread the love. Spread the peace. Spread the zen. Peace out.

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