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The picture above shows an accumulation of makeup purchases from the past two weeks, with the exception of an eyeliner that I got some time last month (or earlier.) Not pictured (because lol I totes forgot to include them) are an eyeshadow quad and lippie that were gifted by the lovely Alex, and some mineral foundation that I got on sale from The Body Shop.

Because I totally didn't think things through, I forgot to take detail shots of some items. Have a swatch shot instead:

Let's talk about them Maybelline Color Tattoos. I first encountered them in HK (see this post) and only recently realized that they were finally available here in the Philippines. I was actually looking for the orange shade but it was never available, but then I found Edgy Emerald and gave it a shot. The pigmentation is a little disappointing, but oh well. I TOTALLY freaked out though when I saw Blue Paradise and Waves of White at some outlet-sale-whatever-thing happening at the SM Megatrade Hall. There were some booths selling makeup goods and I went ballistic when I saw these two shades because one- they're not available here because they're limited edition and; two- DUOCHROME.

Moving on two the row of brown lip colors- I've been on the hunt for a chocolate shade of lipstick, so I scrummaged around the department stores for some cheap choices. The one on the far left was found from one of the makeup booths at the Megatrade Hall; it's the one that really fits "chocolate brown" and it's nice and matte, albeit a little too matte as it feels a little draggy on the lips.

And the eyeliner things! The mint green (MINT GREEN!!!!!!!) eyeliner from Happy Skin is so pretty. It's matte and creamy and M I N T G R E E N. The Maybelline orange eyeliner is this frosty shade that seemed interesting enough. The Ever Bilena brown eyeliner is just something I figured I needed since I don't have any brown eyeliners and I really like their black eyeliner pencil.

As for the L.A Colors and NYX eye pencils... I got them on sale. L.A Colors for P50 a pop and the Nyx one for about P89. Huzzah.

In this picture I am wearing the Maybelline Color Tattoo in Waves of White. This was after maybe 7-8 hours of wear, and as you can see, it creased, but I really think that's just me and my horribly oily eyelids. Pretty much everything creases on me no matter what I do, plus this eye look was worn without a primer anyway. That aside, DUOCHROME!!!!!!! I find that this is much prettier than Blue Paradise. I have this unhealthy obsession with duochromes. Let's leave it at that.

I wanted to photograph this product next to its box because the packaging was pretty haha. I've never owned anything from Nature Republic until this highlighter, and to be honest I had never even heard about the brand until EXO became endorsers HAHAHA K.

Also, maybe it was just me but this highlighter smells really good which I totally wasn't expecting because I don't normally find powdered products very fragrant. Typically it's the lip products that have some kind of scent, but I was pleasantly surprised that this highlighter had a smell that seemed to reflect the field of flowers on the box!

Naked 2 and 3. Also from the Megatrade Hall thing; we got them for P500 each because it didn't come with a primer and these palettes were from Singapore. Or something. (Also because my mom haggled with the seller lol.) The legitimacy (or lack thereof) is really no issue to me; I'm just really happy with these because MAKEUP. I won't go into detail about these because everybody and their girlfriend's mom's cousin's sister-in-law's best friend has them and you can find 45678968473645235 posts and videos about them on the internets. Naked 3 is really pretty though.

I found these from a P500 for 2 bin at the Megatrade Hall thing also. The bronzer is from Physician's Formula one and I got it because I my other two bronzers weren't truly matte. The Maybelline Great Lash, I had heard nothing but good things about it, except I didn't realize until after that I got a limited edition colored mascara HAHA. It's alright; more colored mascara to add to the arsenal!

This baby Sephora palette was a birthday gift from Camille HUHUHU MY SWEET BABYCAKES!!!! I haven't tried it yet but it's awfully travel-friendly with its size and it's great for on-the-go because you've got your eyeshadows, lip colors, and a blush. So convenient.

Some makeup stuff from Daiso because I heard their eyebrow pencils are good and I didn't have any eyebrow pencils after I ran out of my last one. I tried the black one today and I really love it! The bristles on the spoolie are a bit rough though, and I wish the tip of the pencil were more squarish than rounded, but that's just me and my preferences. I picked up this mascara because the brush features two different kinds of bristles. I think one side is for the upper lashes and the other is for your bottom lashes. The concept piqued my interest so I gave it a shot. I tried it today, liked it, though it smudged on me. But like I said, everything smudges on my eyes lol.

Lastly, some makeup tools! A spare sponge, a really fluffy kabuki brush (because I've been looking for a huge one to replace my old kabuki) and some other additional brushes. All of these were purchased from Landmark Dept. Store! These brushes each cost less than P100, save for the kabuki which was around P300.

Sortakinda fotd from last night! Here I'm wearing that foundation I got from The Body Shop. It's a liquid mineral foundation and to be honest I think the shade I got is a bit too dark on me. I look pretty tan when I wear it LOL. I found that it goes on a little sheer and it's just slightly runny compared to, say MAC foundations.

Aaaand that's it! Makeup makes me happy. I hope it makes you happy as well. Good night!

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