Thursday, June 5, 2014

Lately I've found myself re-visiting my childhood again. I don't mean taking another trip down memory lane (which, trust me, I do much more often than what is considered a healthy amount), I mean actually physically re-visiting places from my childhood.

It's the strangest feeling, going back to someplace that holds so many memories. In my case I've had to re-visit a location from my childhood, and you can just imagine how curious it was to be visiting for work purposes. I was hit with so much nostalgia that it was painful. It hurt. A lot.

I mean, I remember going to that place a lot when I was a kid. I remember having my ID picture taken in that one picture shop, and having donuts with my mom in the donut place right next to it. I remember always having a hotdog stick from the hotdog stand outside the now non-existent video rental place. I remember going to the supermarket and pushing those mini carts, and those times I'd rush to National Bookstore with my parents because I forgot to get something for school. I remember that in-mall amusement park arcade place, and the toy store outside that I would frequent. I remember watching Mulan for the first time in that movie theater. I remember having breakfast at Jollibee before what I believe was my ACET, but may easily be my UPCAT.

I remember visiting that computer shop to mooch internet a lot, and how the last time I was in the area (at least before these recent visits) was when I was a college freshman. A COLLEGE FRESHMAN. And now there I was, making a visit for work.

It felt so surreal, and also very sad. But maybe it was only sad because of my own feelings getting in the way, as they have been fogging my perception of things lately.

I hardly know what's going on with me anymore.

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