Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Town of Cats

Zara Man top, Linea Italia skirt

Warning: the photos that follow may or may not become weirder as you progress through this post. Also, this was named after the Town of Cats story from Haruki Murakami's 1Q84. Reading about it in the book reminded me of the Ghibli film called The Cat Returns, but I have yet to actually see it. I've only seen a handful of Ghibli, really.

Hello! I haven't 'properly' taken any outfit shots lately, because I've been really lazy, and well it was a nice break, not being in front of the camera. A really, really nice break. But I missed documenting my outfits, and actually one of the reasons why I stopped was because I've been lazy-dressing lately, so a lot of my outfits weren't really document-worthy.

Anyway, I wore this last Sunday, and I was going for some ~*~Parisian chic~*~ again ahahaha. I guess it translated well enough, because my mom commented that I looked "very French" even if my skirt could pass as a school uniform counterpart. It's a really old skirt we got on sale years ago, and I've always called it my uniform skirt.

You know, I bet it was the stripes and hat that made the outfit look remotely 'French.' I mean, those are like, classic-generic-poster-child France archetypes. Oh, and bagels.

Topshop socks, Forever 21 shoes

American Surplus bag

I prolly have way too much cat stuff as it is, but when does one ever have too much cat things? I got this from the surplus shop in Pampanga my sister took us to (you can see snippets here) and... what else can I say about it? Tapestry cats. Perfection.

Apostrophe/from Hong Kong necklaces

Hey, Tofu. Wassap, Tofu. Ur cool, Tofu.

Forever 21/Marc by Marc Jacobs (gifted!!!!!) rings

Lol gaiz I have a ~*~Marc by Marc Jacobs~*~ ring, am I legit yet. Hahahaha lemme tell you it was a Christmas gift from one of my aunts, and man was it an unexpected gift. Like, really. I didn't even ask for it. When you move it around, all the flowers attached jiggle and it's fun and-

I should've prolly just filmed this outfit, so that you can see what I'm talking about, but too bad, I didn't have enough time to film this. Anyway, this ring is cool. I have cool aunts. (Thanks Tita Lisa!)

Mich Dulce x Bench hat

I'm telling you, it was the hat. And the stripes. Betcha this coulda been considered as one of those last minute go-to Halloween costumes. "Oh look, I'm wearing stripes! And this hat! I have a bagel with me too! Can you guess what I am?"

Dunno if you can tell, but my earrings are seahorses. You're probably too distracted by Tofu's heads to notice though.

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  1. Hey what camera do you use?Your photos are amazing.