Wednesday, February 19, 2014

The Totally-Irrelevant-But-I'm-Gonna-Blog-About-It-Anyway Christmas Eve 2013 Outfit Post

(That post title is a mouthful.) I'm not sure why I put off making this post for so long, and it's already February, but I figured, hey, it's something I wanna chronicle on my blog because it's something I wanna look back on, so why not post it even if it's already that time of the year when Christmas has already been succeeded by Valentine's Day.

Cotton On dress, Janilyn shoes

My mom and I found this dress on sale some time last year, and we both agreed that it would be my Christmas dress. There's something so regal about velvet, especially in this equally-regal emerald shade.

Vintage/Monki bracelets

H&M ...what do you call this? Earring thing? Ear-something?

These shoes though. Man, were they hard to walk in. Like, seriously, I had to watch myself in these. They were a bit painful to walk in, and so I concluded that they would be strictly for cocktail-like events. But when am I ever at those kind of gatherings?

Forever 21 necklaces

I haven't been blogging about my outfits lately, simply because I've been L A Z Y hahaha. I photographed and filmed one in December, but I never got around to editing it because I wasn't sure if I really wanted to put it up anymore. Maybe I will, one of these days, but I might scrap the video because it doesn't really feel like the kind of outfit I would dedicate time to make a video for, y'know?

This morning I felt kind of lousy, and I moped in bed for a good hour or two trying to decide what I wanted to do today. I wasn't in the mood to continue reading my book, and I wasn't sure if I wanted to play a video game, and getting on my laptop just seemed like a very unsavory prospect.

It was a weird morning. In the end, I went downstairs to our living room, picked up my book again, and read a couple of chapters. Then, riding on the encouragement of Alex, I picked up Kingdom Hearts again. It was between KH and Lightning Returns, but I wasn't really up to playing LR again just yet (because I've decided to restart on Easy Mode because I SUCK), but on the other hand, I left KH just before I had to go to Wonderland, and the last time I did that, I ended up nursing a headache. But I finished up the Wonderland chapter anyway, just before lunch.

And now I'm on the internet again, blogging about this. It's just a very off day, I guess.

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