Monday, February 10, 2014

January 2014

I kindasortamaybe can't believe sometimes how it's already been a year since my first monthly vlog. January last year I was still panicking over #THESIS, man. I'm surprised that I've even held out this long with vlogs, to be honest, but I'm glad I've been soldiering on!

January was my final trip to Hong Kong. As usual I'll be keeping photos from my HK trips separate, but in the video you get to see some snippets of Sino Centre and that time I met up with my friend Pam. Watching this vlog makes me a little sad sometimes because it makes me miss Hong Kong, but then again, being the sentimental kid that I am, when am I not going to miss anything?

When we got back, my parents and I got to try out Yakitori One. (Hi Ana!) Noms.

I've been wanting to try out Toast Box since October, so my parents and I finally decided to try it out as well. It made me think of my jeogiyo Camille because anything Singapore reminds me of her. More noms.

Jam hosted the advanced screening of I, Frankenstein, and since being friends with her has its perks she was kind enough to take us along with her. Personally, the film's nothing great I guess (but I don't even watch movies to begin with, so...) You can skip it, but it was a joy to watch with my friends. All the crack.

Tintin the beloved.

Beau the accident.

I think Beau spilled some sauce or something on himself, so he went to the washroom and... this happened??!?

My sister now lives in Pampanga, so one weekend we paid her and her family a visit. She took us to this American surplus place which sold a bunch of random goodies, ranging from shoes to glass jars to old toys and so on.

Hardbound copy of Jane Eyre. The fact that it was a hard copy felt so legit with the yellowing pages LOL


~*~How to bring sunshine into your nights~*~

A week after our I, Frankenstein date, we got to see Snowpiercer, again c/o Jam (thanks bb.) Lemme tell you man, Snowpiercer was INTENSE. Those mind-blowing plot twists at the end like I-I-I- GO WATCH IT IF YOU CAN PLS

One does not simply step inside a convenience store without mirror shots.

I think that last one was supposed to be our Snowpiercer face. But then Beau.


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