Sunday, July 28, 2013

Street Smart (Outtakes)

Just some spare shots from the Street Smart shoot that I wanted to share that were either too redundant (like the blue wall shot) or were so out of concept (you will see in the grass shots) that they just didn't belong in the set. Also, I will talk about the shoot in general.

We shot around Fort Bonifacio High Street area, which, I know, is probably much overdone, but we had to work around each other's schedules. Camille and her family were there for some stuff and since I lived nearby it was an ideal location. Camille's appointment there was in the morning which was also ideal because BHS is notorious for not letting any photoshoots in, so the guerilla shoot went smoothly without any hiccups.

It was hot. We melted. One of the reasons why we were so wiped out after shooting - and I think we shot for maybe just 2 or 3 hours - was because it was so hot out. The heat really takes a lot out of you, and by the time we were done I didn't even want to move anymore. (That would not do though because we still had a second shoot in the afternoon.)

I was really excited to take Camille to this spot with grass innit, except before I knew it we were completely out of theme and it just wasn't going to work. I was head/desking when I reviewed the pictures, but we did get a few gems out of it despite going out of concept.

LIKE THIS SHOT. It is my absolute favorite from this set, except wtf how is this anyway near the street culture or ~*~thug life~*~ or anything akin to that. No. No. No. But I had to post this, because I absolutely LOVE this shot, and I am so glad the 'THUG LIFE' print on the tank top I had Camille wear is blocked out or else it would be so contradictory to the overall image. (So contradictory that it would be hilarious though. Epic hipster Tumblr time.)

So that wraps up this shoot, which means we get to move on to the next shoot we had that day! That's for a separate post, obvs. Thank you again Camille for being so game and WEARING A BLAZER IN THE HEAT (??!!?) and oh man I hope we get to shoot again in the near future! (Maybe in SG next time... omg would that be magic...)

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