Monday, July 15, 2013


More backlog because I never blog on time anymore! So Camille and I attended the EWWS FOODS exhibit opening, and it was great. Magical. Basking in the artistic presence of artistic people is always cool, and it almost makes you cool by association. Almost. A very small almost.

Dearest blog, allow me to introduce to you the culprit who unknowingly converted me into the K-pop world. It all started with a simple recommendation of two songs... and then I was converted overnight. You have this wonderful lady to blame.

The ever so fierce Jujiin and Paulo. I always make it a point to photograph Jujiin every chance I get. I remember photographing him when we saw each other at the EWWS Ayala exhibit, too.

Anina reunited!

Also there is this video that documents what I wore plus some clips of the actual event. Celebration because I updated CS and I am still horrible at posting on schedule. (Schedule what schedule)

One does not simply attend an EWWS shindig and not have a picture with the magical duo. I love them so much and they're such an inspiration to me. ;__; They're definitely my favorite local photography team and I just... AGH also these two were on Preview's Best Dressed list this month and I am just ecstatic??? CONGRATS AGAIN EWWS!!!!!!

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