Friday, July 5, 2013

FOTD: Siriusly

I have further delayed this post in order to further ~*~revere~*~ my B.A.P LOE HK feels post. Really. Because it felt like by making another post it would mean like I had already moved on from the concert. I haven't. I never will. However, a week after that, B.A.P came out with a new MV and I kind of just died a little (read: scream at my laptop screen while choking on my lunch.) And now, two weeks after the concert, I am obsessing over another K-pop group, all because of another group. (I am vague. I will explain someday.)

Of course a post with my face was the one deemed worthy enough to follow the LOE HK one, huh? (I just really needed to get this post out of the way once and for all.)

Anyway, this was the makeup I wore for this post and this video. Terry and I wanted to do Harry Potter-inspired meiku, and my character that day was Sirius Black. Instead of just doing the regular yellow-lid-black-crease (it might come off as Hufflepuff-ish) I just went with something subtler. The yellow in the inner corners was for the grim's ~*~glowing~*~ eyes, and instead of black I just went with gray on the top crease as a sort of softer approach. Sort of. (I achully don't remember the reason behind the gray anymore HAHA but I know there was a reason for it and I'm pretty sure this was it?)

Instead of on the eyes, I put some black on my lips instead!

And that is all. I like making makeup looks inspired by stuff. They're just as fun as making inspired by- outfits, and... idk, doing both just seems to bring the entire look together? It's just fun. It's a nice way to explore your ~*~creativity~*~ and ~*~individuality~*~ too. Okay. Happy July everyone!

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