Thursday, October 11, 2012

Teranina Day

So a while back (read: 3 months ago), Terry, Ana and I got together for some catch-up-on-chika-bonding time. I don't know why I only got around to blogging about this now, but there is this related post, and this video, and another related outfit post by Terry. It was really convenient that all three of us had vacant Wednesdays this semester. I wonder what next sem will bring us...

There came a time when I'd always forget Ana's hair was colored and no longer black. Like even if it was months after she dyed her hair, I'd suddenly get surprised when an updated photo of her surfaced on Facebook and I'd go, "Oh right, she colored her hair." I even remember the day she had it dyed; she texted me all happy and excited, and I was so excited for her too! I remember her target color was actually plum/purple, but the end shade came off more reddish than anything.

BHS visits are never complete without Fully Booked. It is worth noting that I got Ana to wear heels that day, and she had to follow. Of course, because I am Queen Regina and she is Princess Ana, so the hierarchy demands her obligation.

While Terry and her cousin went ahead to the ~*~newer side~*~ of BHS (idk what it's called... that area with Jamba Juice?), I accompanied Anette to Krispy Kreme because she wanted to get a box for her famiry. I ended up getting treated with a donut as well. Thank you Ana! 8D


We also spotted our friend Alex and her family in the area. Talk about pleasant surprise!

In other news, ADMU won the UAAP finals today. Congrats, but I'm actually kinda bitter? Mostly because I'm already a senior and I never got to watch a game live. Maybe that's also a fault on my part, but wtvr. UST's gone through a pretty shatty week or two, what with that whole stabbing incident in FEU, then the whole BS with that Varsitarian article, and now this. Sigh. Good game though? (Or at least that's what I heard. I didn't want to watch at all if it wasn't live because it would just stress me out.) OH WELL NOTHING WE CAN DO ABOUT IT NOW GUJAB EBRIBADI

I'm getting teary-eyed, but maybe my hormones are just excited for The Monthly Visitor. Whatever, a final exam (that I still haven't studied for, go me Best Student Award 2012) awaits me tomorrow.


  1. Laki pala ng hinaba ng hair ko in three months... Has it really been three months .___.

    Look a dancing smiley ~(.___.~)(~.___.)~

  2. Replies
    1. Isn't it?! Haha thanks it was my dad's 8D