Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Boracay 2012

Something I never blogged about. I went to Boracay this past summer for the first time in over 10 years.  Maybe it was 13 years ago? Something like that. My family and I went during that Labor Day weekend, so there were more people than usual. Like, seriously. We booked this trip at the start of the year for the promo or whatever, but I remember getting into a fight with my mom because the trip clashed with my ongoing OJT at the time and I was stressing out and stuff.

It's a shame that I could only hear in one ear for pretty much half the trip. Water got into my ears the moment I submerged myself underwater, and I couldn't hear in my left ear for about 2 weeks. Cue a visit to an obnoxious ENT doctor. We're not going into that story.

I remember playing Final Fantasy XIII the night before our flight. I was battling Barthandelus for the first time, and was consulting a video walkthrough. I remember listening to dubstep while waiting in the airport, and even seeing my old friend EJ at the hotel we stayed at when we were getting ready to leave. We were apparently in the same hotel the entire time and only saw each other at check-out. We were on the same shuttle/boat/plane on the way home though.

There were there amazing snake-bone-whatever necklaces at Puka Beach, but they were expensive so I never got them. I settled with a shark-bone-whatever bracelet instead.

I also remember staying in the sun for way too long at the worst possible hours, so I had a really bad sunburn as another souvenir from the trip.

The long nightly walks from station to station were fun. I didn't go out to party at all, despite the prompting from my parents, because the pain in my ear got the best of me and I always wasn't feeling well during the mornings and nights. It semi-ruined the trip, but overall it was really fun. I miss the whole experience, actually. I don't get to travel much as it's a luxury we can't really readily afford, but this return to Bora after 835728395 years was pretty swell. Not sure if I'll ever go back -- at least maybe with my parents, because the crowds were too much -- but it was all worth the stress of missing a few hours from my OJT hour quota. If I could relive it, I would. Sans the sickness I had to nurse, of course.

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