Friday, February 24, 2012

Merrier than a terrier

Sharing some random stuff I got-slash-dug up recently.

Last weekend my mom and sisters went to a wedding expo (one of my sister's getting Church!married this year after a couple of years of being civilly married) but I couldn't tag along (which has been happening all the time now since the year started /bitter) because of school things. My mom got me some make-up from the expo though! Ah, sweet, magical make-up. /I am such a girl /This is why there's a 'make-up' tag /Shuddup Thanks Mama!

While they were out I also asked them to get me My Chemical Romance's Danger Days album. I don't know why I didn't get it when it first came out -- maybe I just wasn't in the mood at the time? I do remember when some songs from this album came out I was all, "Hmm, I think I'm gonna like this album." 'cause I didn't really share the same sentiments for their previous album.

On that note, I also dug up my other MCR albums. Three Cheers was my first and ultimately favorite album (didn't get the first one mostly because I didn't really know the band until Helena -- which, by the way, was my first and favorite MCR song everrrr). The cd jacket's missing, which totally sucks and bothers me since this is my favorite MCR album but oh well.

Hello, old and ghey!diary. The very little entries I had on there date back to early 2006, which was a pretty dark time in my life. Also, this was high school, so there was a lot of swearing. I very spontaneously ripped out the pages and started shredding them, but then that became too much of a chore so I burned them in my trash can. I nearly burned my finger too. Go me. Now the diary's empty for a new start -- and yes, I DO want to write in it, even if I have a blog. I don't know what I should write in it though; I'm scared to write down personal stuff 'cause I had a very bad experience with one diary as a kid /scarred for life What I do know is that I wanna make this an almost-daily thing and I wanna fill out all the pages for once! Any suggestions?

I have a thing for children's book illustration, I really do. I got this at Books For Less and you can even see a little message on one of the pages, which sort of made me go, "Ngaaaawww." Mhm.

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