Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Live Auditions + Big Fish + first post

Hello! This is my friend Billie and I at a public restroom, taken some weeks ago when we attended an anime convention. I don't even remember what it was called 'cause it was kinda... eh? Oh well.

That same day, we watched our friend Jam perform in the production called Live Auditions (or Life, wtvr.) It was the first time we ever got to see her star in a production, so this was a pretty big deal.

It was sort of refreshing to witness a musical that was set in auditioning. Because the setting was during a typical production's auditions, there was a sort of laid back and casual feeling to it all. It also made me wonder if actual auditions were as depicted in Live Auditions, as I've never really auditioned for a part in a play ever. Are the directors really that scary? What does it feel like to fight for the part you really want? Gah!


Perhaps one of the most interesting aspects of Live Auditions was the whole concept of 'live auditions'. When we were getting our tickets, we were handed a number to wear and greeted with a 'Good luck on your audition!' which kind of made me go 'uhhh k' but shrugged it off. I got the last laugh watching Billie squirm and panic about the whole audition gimmick. "What song do I sing? I DON'T SING! GRAAARRGHGHJKGSDHG" I wasn't too worried 'cause I figured, hey, they wouldn't make us pay just to make us sing when we came to watch them perform, right?

And while I was right for the most part, they really did nick someone from the audience and made them sing! I saw this little boy having a chat with one of the production people though, so maybe the audience participation was semi-planned? Regardless, it made watching the production an experience. It was like you knew you were part of auditions, but at the same time you had to remind yourself that you were watching a production before anything else. That's probably what I loved the most about Live Auditions.

Loljk no. What I loved the most about Live Auditions was Jam, of course! Le duh.

Auditions completed! Too bad we didn't make it to callbacks though. </3 LOLOL

There were only three of us from our group who went to see Jam that day, only because everybody else had seen her the day before.

This is Maronne, also know as The Resident Upstager. She permanently wears a red wig.

I know this is a pretty late post, but congratulations again to the whole Live Auditions team! And to you especially, Jam. Yaaaay.

This picture shows just how much I love Jam HAHAHA so glamourous desu desu!11!1!

Billie, Jam and I suddenly found ourselves at Big Fish, since Jam had some complementary tickets or smthn thanks to Magic. I. Do not. Belong. In that scene. Like srsly, all did there was stand uncomfortably and be awkward. LIKE, LEGIT AWKWARD. I really don't enjoy any form of clubbing or partying of that kind, I guess. I'm too awkward for it and get too self-conscious to let loose like that.

Still, it was an experience, and I've got these two to thank for that. Jam especially, since we couldn't of gotten in without her. Thanks for the opportunity! NEVER AGAIN LOLJK


This is my first post on the blog! I originally hailed from my ol' LiveJournal, but I figured it was time to move. It was a bit of a dramufest, my blog switching. You can even read my tearful farewell to my LJ. Shed a few tears, if you will HAHA I kid. Hopefully I'll be keeping this Blogspot for just as long as I kept my LJ -- or longer, even!

Cheers to the new blog!

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