Thursday, February 26, 2015

"How come you don't blog about your outfits anymore?"

Asked my mother, when I wore this outfit:

So, you know, I documented it.

Gap shirt | Greenhills tiangge skirt

Janilyn shoes | Topshop (gifted) socks

To be completely honest, once 2014 rolled in, I just could not be bothered to document my outfits. I could barely keep up with real life as it was -- what more the stuff I wore. I miss documenting my outfits though (I genuinely benefit from doing so, because it legitimately helps me remember life happenings better), especially outfit videos! Man, I haven't done that since 2013. I'll get back to that eventually.

Debenhams bag

Promod earrings

My mom calls this my prinsesa skirt. I call it the LISA FRANK prinsesa skirt. The end.