Thursday, March 5, 2015

Of Peacocks and Picasso

I wouldn't quite call this a quick shoot, seeing as the makeup took about two hours. Shot this on the last day of February, so I managed to squeeze in at least one shoot last month.

We filmed the entire makeup process sans the application of false lashes, because that alone probably took another hour. (Nah, not really. But it took too much time to be recorded.) Filming at Alex's is so much fun because her white background makes everything look so... clean. That, and it's a lot more spacious than what I'm used to.

The image above was our basis for the makeup. It's not a direct recreation or anything; it was more of our inspiration. I just found this floating around the internet, and I don't really know who took this picture or who worked on the makeup. If anyone knows, please enlighten me!

Alex initially found the makeup look to be very Picasso-meets-Dali-esque when I sent her a sample, and then she began making peacock references once I did the actual look on her. Later that night, we played a round of Kings with a couple of our friends, which led to the special participation of mayonnaise, lipstick application ala Miranda Sings, and myself getting the last king card after audibly (read: obnoxiously) taunting the others in hopes of anyone else getting to drink the king's cup.

Moral of the story is to never wish harm upon other people. Or maybe just keep those ill feelings to yourself. Thanks again, Alex!

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